Grofriend Sleep Aids

Sound and snug sleep

Your little one is about to have a new best friend.

Ollie the Owl, Pip the Panda and Bennie the Bear are the perfect night time companions for your little one. Designed specifically to send them off to the sleep and help them stay asleep through the night, these adorable little guys will take a load off your mind and let you get a good night's sleep - as well as baby!

Clever Crysensor Technology

Our Grofriends promise to always be there for your little one!

Their built in CrySensor is an innovative development which allows them to listen out for noises made by baby. When the CrySensor is activated, the Grofriends will automatically start playing their soothing sounds and help settle your child back to sleep.

Ollie, Pip and Bennie can hear all noises within a room but are specifically programmed to react to crying or sharp sounds which may disturb your child. The CrySensor means that you won't have to get up to turn your Grofriend on to resettle your child or head into baby's room and possibly disturb them further! The Grofriend does all the work for you (thank you Grofriend). 

Quality sleep night after night

The Grofriends have a gentle warm glowing tummy with three sensory light levels to help create a lovely calming environment for your baby to drift off to sleep in.

If they wake up in the night, your Grofriend can help them self soothe and resettle.

Ollie, Pip and Bennie will play either white noise or lullabies for 20 minutes after the CrySensor is activated and then will switch to standby mode for three hours, but rest assured they are listening intently and will turn on at any point during standby mode if he hears baby stir to play either white noise static or Brahms lullaby.

The Grofriends make bedtime a whole lot easier and both the sound and light features are designed so you can set the sleep aid to what suits you and your baby.

Which one will you choose?

Bennie, Ollie or Pip?

If you just love Ollie and Pip

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Just cause we love them so much!


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