You start caring for your baby even before they arrive...

...and once you bring them home, the caring continues.

As you marvel over their perfect tiny fingers and toes and worry over every snuffle, rash or temperature, we’re here to help put your mind at rest. Every baby arrives in their family in their own way. Some settle quickly into a routine and can soothe themselves, others need a little more help. Remember that the very best person for the job is you, so no matter how scared you are at first, you’ll figure it out together.

More than 50 years of experience

We started making baby products in 1965 with one clear goal: to make life simpler for real families. Everything we do is designed with real parents and babies in mind.

We know babies can be wriggly. And we know you’ll be nervous about cutting their nails, brushing their hair, and generally taking care of your precious little one. That’s why our range of healthcare products are all super safe and really easy to use, perfect for beginners.

Happy and healthy

From clippers and combs to thermometers,

Tommee Tippee has everything you need to keep your little one happy and healthy at home.


Healthcare Kit

Our popular healthcare kit contains 9 essential items to look after your baby, including a digital thermometer, nasal aspirator, baby nail scissors, baby clippers, emery boards, baby toothbrush, and a brush and comb set designed especially for use with delicate baby hair and skin. All in a convenient carry case, so you know where everything is at home, or can take it with you when visiting friends and family.

Life’s not always perfect

Gorgeous looking babies in cute outfits will always raise a smile. 

But while it’s only natural that you’ll always want your baby to look and feel their best, accept that it’s going to get messy sometimes, and you just need to give yourself a break. Parenting is a real rollercoaster and some days just getting baby fed, changed and off to sleep is all that’s needed. You can always try to be tidy tomorrow. 

Peace of mind

No one likes the thought of their baby feeling unwell.

And as they can’t tell you what’s wrong, it’s only natural that you’ll be concerned if they seem extra upset and grouchy.


Our baby thermometer helps you keep a close eye on baby’s health and delivers some peace of mind.