How do I store my Breast Milk?

Store your precious breast milk so you don't lose a drop.

How do I store my Breast Milk?

Any mum who has expressed her breast milk knows it is the equivalent of liquid gold. Even the tiniest drop spilled is heartbreaking. By knowning how to store it safely, you can reduce the risk of any of this precious liquid going to waste.

Here’s how:

  • Breast milk must be stored in a clean, sterilised container. Our single- use storage pouches are perfect, as they are already sterilised so you can use them straightaway.
  • Always label the container with the date and time the milk was collected, so you can use the oldest milk first. If you are going to freeze the milk, it’s handy to write the amount on here too.
  • Breast milk can be frozen or refrigerated depending on when you are planning to use it. As with every parenting topic, advice varies on this but a great guideline to remember is ‘The Rule of 6’ as breast milk is safely kept:
    • For 6 hours at ambient room temperature.
    • For 6 days in the refrigerator (32°F)
    • For 6 months in the freezer (-1°F or lower).
  • It’s absolutely fine to put milk breast pumped at different times on the same day into the same pot. Don’t be alarmed if you notice that it has separated into layers after being stored for a while – this is just the hindmilk and foremilk. Just give it a shake before you offer it to your baby. 
  • When freezing milk, allow space at the top of the container for expansion. It is easiest to freeze milk in individual feed quantities of 60-125ml (2-4 oz.). 
Express and go storage case
  • Storage - These pouches can be put straight in the fridge or freezer. Likewise, or  you can use this specially designed storage case to neatly store up to 12 pouches and help prevent damage.
  • If you want to take your milk with you when you are out, make sure it stays cold or frozen until needed. This cool bag is perfect for protecting your milk on the move.


Express and go cool bag