Owl shaped groeggshell on a white background

Groeggshell Support

What is Oona the Owl Groeggshell?

Oona the Owl Groeggshell is a fun character that clips onto your Groegg digital room thermometer and nightlight.

Does Oona the Owl Groeggshell change anything on my Groegg?

No. Your Groeggshell is designed as a decorative and fun feature that does not interfere with any of the Groegg’s practical safety features.

You can still rely on your Groegg to provide a nightlight and room temperature with Oona the Owl sitting on top.

What is the best room temperature for my baby?

Health Professionals recommend that the ideal room temperature for your baby is between 61F/16°C and 68F/20°C, and ideally at 18°C/65°F.