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The Tommee Tippee Guide to Cups

Who Knew There Were So Many Cups?

Every baby is different and they will soon let you know what they do and don’t like. However, there are some general principles that can help when choosing bottles and cups as they grow.

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Key Considerations

When should I first introduce a cup to my baby?

Many parents give their babies a cup from about 6 months old.  Our transition soft spout, transition sippee trainer and essential free flow first cup are suitable for babies as young as 4 months 

What is the difference between a free flow and non-spill cup?

Free flow cups do not have a valve so the water flows freely through the spout. Babies learn to sip rather than strong suction and these cups are recommended by healthcare professionals for oral development. Our nifty fold-down spouts mean no unexpected leaks whilst you’re on the go.

Non-spill cups contain a valve to keep mess to a minimum. Tip it upside down, shake it all about and it remains spill-proof. Brilliant for when out and about (or playing on carpets…..)

What is an open cup?

An open cup has no spout or straw. It’s the closest thing to a cup we would drink from as adults and it encourages little ones to sip rather than suck.

They can also be pretty messy along the way so we’ve worked our design wizardry to come up with cups like the No Knock cup that give you all of the benefits of open cup drinking with less of the mess.

What is a 360 cup?

A cup that allows drinking from anywhere around the rim just like an open cup but with a lip-activated valve so that it’s hard to make a mess.

Do I need a cup with a spout or a straw?

All cups, whether hard spout, soft spout or straw will help your child’s oral development. Little ones can be notoriously picky when it comes to choosing a cup so be prepared to be flexible and let them try different types.

Do I need different types of cups for at home versus being out and about?

Our open cups and free flow cups are best designed for meal times and at home usage but otherwise all of our cups have been designed to be as active as you and your little one are. Leak-proof spouts, non-spill valves and interchangeable lids mean our cups are perfect for no-mess travel. 

Can I sterilise cups like I do bottles?

Of course! Our cups are suitable for sterilisation. The only exceptions are our Insulated Sippee and Straw cups, which are only suitable for cold water sterilisation. You can also pop them on the top shelf of the dishwasher, which is handy when they’ve been rolling around the sandpit in the park! 

Knowing I can chuck them in the bag and not worry about spills is brilliant and he loves the bright colours and pictures

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It was a bit like the Goldilocks story finding the one she liked but now it is just right

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