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Grobag Guide

What your baby wears to sleep can have a big impact on their sleep safety and comfort, meaning more shut-eye for mum and dad. This sleepwear buying guide pulls together a host of hints and tips to help choose the right sleep product for your baby and you. 

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Who knew there were so many baby sleepwear products?

Our revolutionary Gro range of sleepwear promotes safe sleep without needing to use loose sheets or blankets. Choosing sleepwear is a personal choice but here are a few things you might like to think about when making your decision: 

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Key Considerations

What are the styling features of a Grobag and how do you use it?

Our Grobags comes in a range of styles to suit yours and babies’ needs.

Side Zips – Side zips and double poppers on the shoulders and under the arms help you use a sleep bag when your baby is small. They open out flat for easy night time nappy changes.

Front Zips – Sleep bags with front zips have fixed shoulders and are perfect for wriggly babies. This style is ideal for toddlers to support their sleep adventures.

Travel Grobag – Similar to a normal Grobag with the added feature of a two-way front zip and back vent, this travel sleepwear can easily be used with a 5-point harness in car seats or pushchairs.

Follow the steps on our video to see how the Grobag works…

How to choose a Grobag size?

A Grobag can be used as soon as your baby weighs more than 8Ibs 13oz. Your child’s head should not be able to pass through the neck hole when the Grobag is fastened, otherwise the Grobag is too big. Always remember to check the weight of your child before using a Grobag. We’ve created the size chart below to help with sleepwear sizing:

What Grobag tog should I select?

A tog measurement is a European warmth rating. The higher the tog, the warmer the product. Our Grobags are available in four tog ratings. We explain all the tog ratings and what they mean below to help you choose the best for your baby: 

What is best to wear with a Grobag?

Keeping your baby at the best temperature for sleeping depends on the tog rating of the Grobag, the clothes your baby is wearing, the temperature of your baby’s bedroom and your baby’s health. Check out our simple ‘what to wear’ guide below: