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Your Guide to Soothers

From day one, babies are bombarded with new sights, sounds and experiences. And then teething happens! No wonder they sometimes need a bit of extra comfort. Sucking is a natural reflex that babies use for self-soothing. So if you think that a soother will make your baby feel happy and secure, go for it. Happy baby, happy parents, happy days. 

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Who knew there were so many soothers?

Sucking is a natural reflex and help babies to settle themselves when they’re upset, overwhelmed or tired. Usually a full tummy and a good cuddle will calm baby down, but not always. And no-one wants to see their baby upset so soothers can help.

If you think your baby would benefit from using a soother, our full range are designed for natural oral development and are BPA-free, making them a safe and sensible choice. And because they’re designed for optimal acceptance, baby is more likely to take the soother and suck it first time.

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Key considerations

When can I introduce a soother?

If you are bottle feeding and think baby will benefit from the extra comfort between feeds, you can introduce a soother straight away. We have newborn soothers specifically designed to fit smaller mouths and make sure baby can still breath easy.

If you’re breastfeeding, it is best to wait until you’re into a good feeding routine – usually a month or so – to make sure baby won’t get confused by introducing something new. When they’re ready, our breast-like soothers are perfect for breastfed babies because they feel just like mum. 

Will my baby accept a soother?

Sucking a soother is a new experience for baby. They’ll be used to the feel of a breast or bottle in their mouth, and now here’s something new!

To make it easy and comfortable for baby to start using their soother, Tommee Tippee soothers are specially designed to feel familiar, with a breast or bottle-shaped baglet to suit your baby’s needs. (The baglet is the part of the soother that the baby sucks).

Apart from our breast-like soother, all Tommee Tippee soothers come with our ‘baby-approved’ baglet. We call it ‘baby approved’ because 68% of babies accept this style of soother first time*. 

The orthodontic baglet supports natural oral development because it is symmetrical, which improves balance and makes it easier for baby to hold in their mouth.

It also means whichever way they go into baby’s mouth, they feel the same. Great for independent little ones who put the soother in their mouths themselves; right-way-up or upside-down and it still feels the same.

And because all of our soothers use the same baby-approved baglet, you can mix-and-match between our stylish designs without baby feeling any difference.

  • Designed for acceptance
  • Bottle-shaped
  • Orthodontic design
  • Symmertical baglet

What is the breast-like soother?

Tommee Tippee Breast-Like Soothers are modelled on mum, with a natural nipple-like baglet designed to make the transition between breast and soother easier.  It is made for super soft silicon that flexes and stretches like a breast, providing the most natural soothing experience.

It doesn’t look like a standard soother but don’t let that put you off! The breast-like soother uses the same style teat as our award-winning breast-like bottles, so whether baby is breastfed or formula-fed from a Tommee Tippee bottle, the shape of our breast-like soother will feel comfortingly familiar.

This means baby is more likely to accept the soother easily, with less fuss and fewer tears (from baby or you!) The curved design keeps the soother away from baby’s skin and provides superior ventilation to increase airflow and minimise the risk of rashes. Available in two age stages – 0-6m and 6-18m. 

  • Designed for accetpance
  • Breast-shaped
  • Orthodontic design
  • Curved to improve airflow

Do soothers come in different sizes for different ages?

Yes. Babies grow quickly and their needs change. Our soothers are available in a range of sizes.

We have newborn soothers specifically designed for babies aged 0-2 months. Our other soothers are available in two age stages – 0-6m and 6-18m. Our Night Time soothers also come in 18-36m for little people who need a soother for comfort when they sleep.

My newborn is tiny! Do you have a soother to fit them?

Being a newborn is tough. One minute you’re floating around in the dark, next minute you’re out in the world, experiencing new sights, sounds, smells and sensations. No wonder they cry! If you think your little one needs the extra comfort of a soother, we have just the thing.

Tommee Tippee Newborn Soothers are designed for babies aged 0-2 months and have been designed to be perfectly suited to smaller newborn mouths. They use our ‘baby-approved’ baglet* to make them easy to introduce and improve acceptance. Cute designs in contrasting dark grey and white appeal to little eyes that can’t see colour yet.

What’s special about the Night Time soother?

Say goodbye to the nightly crawl around the nursery floor looking for dropped soothers. Tommee Tippee Night Time Soothers have glow in the dark handles! You’ll wonder how you survived without them. 

Out-of-this-world designs help baby dream big, with a stylish motif of stars, astronauts and planets. And because little people often like a bit of extra comfort at bedtime, our Night Time soothers are available in three age stages – 0-6m, 6-18m and 18-36m. 


Our symmetrical baby-approved baglet* is perfect for overnight because it feels the same whichever way it goes into baby’s mouth. So whether baby pops it in themselves or you need to reach over and do it half-asleep, right-way-up or upside-down is fine.

Large air vents in the shield improve airflow between the shield and baby’s skin to minimise the risk of irritation overnight.

Are soothers safe?

Absolutely! Soothers are used by millions of parents around the world. Ours are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, to make sure baby is soothed and safe.

They’re guaranteed BPA-free, meaning no nasty chemicals on tiny tongues, and have specially designed orthodontic baglets to support natural oral development.

And don’t worry; it isn’t possible for a baby to swallow a soother or to be suffocated by one. 

  • Safe
  • BPA-free
  • Orthodontic design

What patterns and colours are available?

Our soothers are designed to appeal to little people and their parents, so we have a stylish range of kid-friendly designs that you’ll love too. Mix-and-match to suit your mood or stick with the same design that baby just won’t settle without!

All of our soothers come with our orthodontic designed baby-approved baglet* as well as shields designed to improve airflow between the soother and baby’s delicate skin, to minimise the risk of irritation. 

I’m going to lose a lot of soothers, aren’t I?!

Maybe not! Our glow-in-the-dark soothers mean that losing them under the cot at night is a thing of the past. And we sell a range of stylish soother holders that keep hold of the soother even when little mouths or hands have let it go. Available in a range of patterns to match our most popular soothers, they’re flexible, wipe clean and fit all Tommee Tippee soothers. Yes, we really do think of everything!

How often do soothers need replacing?

Hard gums, tiny teeth and plenty of use mean that you need to replace soothers about once a month. 

Do soothers need sterilising?

It is important to clean the soothers before each use, including the first time you use them. You can do this by washing them in soapy water then rinsing them in clean water, dropping them in boiling water for five minutes, popping them on the top shelf of your dishwasher, or using a steriliser.

After they’ve been washed, make sure you let them cool and give the baglet / teat a squeeze to get rid of any water in it. Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean a soother – that would be dangerous for baby.

Stylish Soothers

Our range of stylish soothers can help soothe your baby day or night, and all feature a symmetrical orthodontic teat to help optimise acceptance.

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