Dreammaker Sleep Aid

The scientific way to sleep better!

All parents want their baby to get the best sleep possible so they can get more rest too! But babies do have shorter and lighter sleep cycles which is why their sleep can be complicated.

But we know their sleep cycle can be influenced by the environment they are in. So, we’ve invented something to help babies, and parents, get better sleep.

Working closely with a world leading sleep laboratory, we worked hard to understand the science behind sleep and babies. The result, the Dreammaker Sleep Aid.

It’s packed full of technology to get baby to sleep, help them stay asleep and to support self-soothing.


Ambient Red Light

Melatonin is the sleepy hormone that regulates your body clock. Our research showed, compared to colours such blue light, red light has little to no effect on melatonin suppression. It even reduces melatonin release time, signalling to the body it’s time to start winding down.

This why the Dreammaker Sleep Aid features red light to help baby get to sleep faster and sleep longer. It’s also minimally stimulating for night-time awakenings, making self-soothing and re-settling even easier.

Pulsing Glow

A baby’s breathing rate reduces from 40 breaths per minute to 20 as they go to sleep.

The Dreammaker’s pulsing light follows this same breathing rate to provide baby with a relaxing, calm environment. This helps them to unwind and settle into sleep.

Theres also a setting for adults too, optimised at 6-10 breaths per minute. This relaxed breathing has beneficial effects, including muscle relaxation and low blood pressure.

So, matching your breathing to the pulsing lights could help you relax and drift off too.

Pink Noise

In the womb babies are surrounded by sound; Mum’s heartbeat, breathing, blood flow, plus the filtered sounds of the world outside. So, sound for them can be very soothing.


From our work with the sleep lab, we found that low frequency sound is more efficient than higher when trying to relax. Pink noise is the most balanced and natural of all sounds – it’s like soothing background noise. It encourages deeper sleep whilst enhancing slow brain wave activity which is critical for memory and learning efficiency.


This pink noise is so important, the Dreammaker includes two settings. Standard pink noise the whole family can hear. And low-pass filtered pink noise with a 6 dB per octave roll-off – in simple terms, this setting mimics the exact frequency that sound would reach foetal ears. Mimicking how they would feel in the womb.


To help with sleep time soothing, the Crysensor, when activated, listens out for any cries during the night. For any signs of baby waking up the device automatically turns on. This helps baby self-soothe and drift off back to sleep.

Light brightness 

Bright household lights can have an alerting effect.

There’s a maximum value of 200 lux on the Dreammaker, a nice soft glow that won’t negatively impact sleep.


Noise levels 

For baby’s sensitive hearing, volume levels are very important.
The maximum safe exposure for infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units is 50 dBA. This is also the Dreammaker’s maximum volume, so you’ll never go over those safe levels.

By utilising this research, the Dreammaker will help your baby drift off faster, into a deeper more restful sleep – and so can you!