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The innovative products in the Tommee Tippee sterilising range are designed to make cleaning all your baby’s feeding equipment fast, fuss-free and easy.

A Complete Guide to Our Sterilising Range

The innovative products in the Tommee Tippee sterilising range are designed to make cleaning all your baby’s feeding equipment fast, fuss-free and easy.

Using them helps to protect your baby's developing immune system by ensuring that their bottles, soothers, teats and teethers are free from germs and bacteria.

We’ve tested our UV Steriliser, Advanced Steri-Dryer, Microwave Steam Steriliser and Advanced Electric Steriliser against Coronavirus (tested to EN 16777) and Influenza H1N1, and they were proven to kill those viruses and 99% of bacteria that may linger in hard-to-reach places.

Let us talk you through the range one by one. That way, you can decide which one is best for you!

Ultra UV 3-in-1 Steriliser, Dryer and Storage

This nifty piece of kit is fitted with a long-lasting Philips® UV bulb to give you up to 6,000 hours of fuss-free sterilising power. Suitable for most bottles, teats, soothers and breast pump accessories, it filters dust, pollen and airborne pollutants, and sterilises and dries 6 bottles in just 60 minutes. It can even be used as a convenient kitchen storage solution when not in use.

With this steriliser, you can choose from four different functions:

  1. Sterilise-Only: Pop in your bottles, teats, soothers and breast pump accessories and set to either 35 or 45 minutes.​
  2. Dry-Only: Choose a 30-, 40- or 50-minute drying cycle, depending on how many items you wish to dry.​
  3. Auto Mode​: This 60-minute setting dries your cleaned bottles, then automatically switches to sterilising cycle. ​
  4. ​Storage Mode: This mode emits 5 minutes of UV light and 5 minutes of drying power every 2 hours to keep the unit’s contents sterile. The UV light also helps our glow in the dark products such as the night-time breast-like soother glow for longer.

Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric Steriliser

Our Advanced Steri-Dryer uses the all-natural cleansing power of steam to clean your baby’s bottles. It has a HEPA air filter to block dust and dirt particles, and by using steam only, it means there’s no nasty chemical residue to worry about. It sterilises and dries up to 6 baby bottles in just 40 minutes.

Micro-Steam Microwave Steriliser

Preparing 4 sterile bottles in just 4 minutes*, this is a BPA-free, 100% natural steam steriliser that you simply pop in the microwave. Its lid doubles up as a space-saving, sterile surface to help you prepare your baby's bottles, and it’s compact and lightweight enough to take on your travels.

*Based on a 1000W microwave.


Super-Steam Advanced Electric Steriliser

Want 6 sterile bottles and teats in just 5 minutes? Then this is the steriliser for you! It uses the natural power of steam to make sure that you’re always ready to prepare a fresh feed for your baby – day or night. Once the sterilising cycle is finished, you can either remove the contents and use straightaway, or keep the lid closed and they’ll remain sterile for up to 24 hours.

Looking for sterilising support when you’re out and about?

Closer to Nature® Single Bottle Travel Steriliser

Sterilise whenever and wherever you need to with the help of our single bottle travel steriliser. It’s compact and lightweight, perfect for popping into your changing bag, and is suitable for both microwave and cold-water sterilising.

Sterilising Bags (Pack of 5)

When you use our sterilising bags, it takes just 90 seconds to sterilise breast pumps, baby bottles and accessories! All you need is a microwave and a little water and you’re good to go.

These zip-lock bags let you store your feeding equipment in a sterile environment on-the-go, and once you’ve used them, you can put everything back inside to avoid messy spills. Each one can be re-used 30 times to cut down on waste, and there’s even a check box to help you keep track of how many times they’ve been used, handy right?!

Bundle Up

These products and more are included in our Sterilising Bundles – money saving packs that make bottle prep easier than ever, follow the link to take a look.