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Funny Halloween Baby Costumes

If it’s your baby’s first Halloween or you have a toddler who loves to make an impression, you have to have a look at these brilliant costume ideas we found!

(Personally, we are fans of the pillowcase ghost approach…)

1. Strong Man - Channelling cute retro vibes this one only requires a stripy vest and a little bit of craft!


2. Baby Taco – Michelin worthy for babies and toddlers, why not dress them up as a taco?

3.  Sunshine and clouds – Embrace the weather with this super cute forecast


4. Pineapple – Get your five a day with this fun look 

5. Turtle – We can’t resist this cute little ocean-goer!


6. Clark Kent - Always ready to save the day…


7. Up - If you can get through the first few minutes of Up, then this costume will warm your heart


8. Car – Take to the road this Halloween with this VW van… 

9. Cactus – for those prickly about Halloween dress up all this needs is a vest and some floral crafts.


10. Astronaut – why not Join NASA for the day… this costume is out of this World


And if you don’t have time to organise anything else, just pop baby in a pumpkin!

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