Baby Shower Series

There are loads of really cute decoration ideas out there, and we’ve pulled together a few of our favourites to help…

Our Baby Shower Guide: Decorations

If you’re on the party planning committee for a friend or relative’s baby shower, it’s likely that you’re on the lookout for some fun décor inspiration.

There are loads of really cute decoration ideas out there, and we’ve pulled togeather a few of our favourites below to help…

Floral Baby Shower 

No matter the season, a flowery theme is sure to look really lovely.

Floral walls can be used as backdrops for Instagram snaps and placing vases of blooms on the tables instantly brings colour and a fresh feel into any space.

We particularly love the idea of floral iced biscuits – tasty and pretty!

Safari Baby Shower

One for the animal lovers out there, it’s time to go on safari!

Cupcakes decorated with flora and fauna will bring a touch of fun to the occasion, and balloons can team with plants or faux greenery to create a jungle vibe.

You could even place some mini animal figures among your table settings, and when the little one is born, they can play with them too. It's about to get WILD!

Seasonal Baby Shower

Spring, summer, autumn, or even winter! There’s a chance to have a super cute season-themed party at any time of the year.

No matter if it’s sunny or snowing outside, a seasonal shower means that the mum-to-be will remember her special party each and every year as the seasons change.

Travel & Adventure Baby Shower

The perfect party theme for any mum-to-be who loves to explore, this one is really fun!

We love the idea to have hot air balloon themed touches dotted about, and cakes, cookies and invites that’re based on the start of a brand new adventure – parenthood!

Ready to "POP" Baby Shower

This one’s pretty straight forward. All you need to do is fill the room with things that go “POP” – think balloons, popcorn, champagne bottles… the list goes on!

We love the idea of giving each guest a mini bottle of fizz as a favour, then they can pop it open and enjoy some bubbles to celebrate the new baby’s arrival.