Tommee Tipps

All the excitement, long days, and adventures that summer brings can make settling little ones at bedtime tricky.

Baby Sleep Tips for Summer

All the excitement, long days, and adventures that summer brings can make settling little ones at bedtime tricky.

But don’t worry, along with our cute and comfortable sleepwear styles, we’ve got some top tips to see your baby (and you) sleep soundly through the balmy summer months!

Summertime sleep tips

Stay hydrated

During the warm summer months, it’s important that you’re little one is well hydrated to help them sleep better and fall asleep faster, so make sure your baby has a good drink before bed to replenish all the fluids lost in the heat of the day.

Nap, nap, nap!

During the summertime, you’re likely to be out and about most of the time. While you’re exploring and enjoying the warm weather, it’s important that you try to maintain a regular nap schedule for your mini-me. If when you’re not at home, you can follow these next steps to make naps on-the-go a success…

  • If possible, plan activities around naptime: If you can, leave home just after nap time to make sure that your little one is wide awake and ready for the day’s activities. If they do fall asleep on the way, no worries! Just let that nap happen and focus on the next one. Let baby sleep, get them up when they wake, and shorten their next wake time by 15-30 minutes to make up for extra tiredness if they only took a short nap.

  • Get a sleep aid that can come with you: The mini versions of our award-winning sleep aids are the perfect day out or travel companion for baby. Little Ollie and Pip easily attach to a pushchair, changing bag or just about anywhere, and play a choice of six soothing sounds to help settle and calm your baby whenever it’s time to sleep.

  • Be flexible: You never want to feel to bound by a routine, so try adjusting your baby’s schedule depending on their naps on a given day. Flexibility will allow your baby’s sleep routine to coordinate with your summertime plans. If they only manage some short cat naps during the day, make their bedtime slightly earlier as they’ll need to make up for some lost day time sleep. If you are on holiday and know that bedtime is going to end up being later than usual, squeeze in an extra nap or two in the later afternoon or early evening. Then they can have a later bedtime every now and then without becoming grouchy and overtired. 

The perfect sleep environment

  • Put up a blackout blind: Our portable blackout blind is ideal for use at home, and can really help create a snoozy, dark environment, even when it’s bright outside.
  • Use a toddler alarm clock: Teaching little one’s about time, takes, well… time! But our selection of sleep training clocks can help simplify the concept for toddlers, teaching them when to wake up and when to stay in bed.
  • Pop on some white (or pink) noise: Ambient sounds can drown out the sounds of the changing season – tweeting birds, we’re looking at you! Our Dreammaker™ sleep aid plays two types of pink noise. First, standard pink noise that the whole family can hear, and low-pass filtered pink noise with a 6 dB per octave roll-off. In simple terms, this setting mimics the exact frequency that sound would reach foetal ears, mimicking the sounds your little one heard in the womb.
  • Adjust the temperature: Just like us, your baby will also have trouble settling in a room that is too warm. The ideal room temperature is between 16 and 20°C. To help, our sleepwear styles come in a range of togs and they’re made using breathable, all-natural fibres. To make sure that your little one is comfortable and safe, always ensure that they’re wearing the right tog for the season. We’ve got a gadget that can help too, meet the GroEgg room thermometer!