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As the days get shorter and chillier, it can be difficult to maintain your little one’s usual sleep regime. Hopefully, these tips can help a little.

Baby Sleep Tips for Winter

As the days get shorter and chillier, it can be difficult to maintain your little one’s usual sleep regime.

Hopefully, these tips can help a little.

Winter sleep tips

Keep calm

Setting the scene plays a big role in settling a baby to sleep. To create a soothing ambiance, try to cut back on loud noises and bright lights and make sure that everything around the baby is set to relax, not stimulate.

Try a little massage

Everyone’s skin benefits from a little TLC in the winter, and babies are no different! To help soothe your little one before bed, try giving them a relaxing 10-minute massage. You can use a soothing balm or oil (you can buy ones that’re specially made for babies), and simply rub it over their neck, chest, hands, and the soles of their feet with gentle pressure.

Keep an eye on their temperature

To check your baby’s core temperature, feel their chest or the back of their neck (your baby’s hands and feet will usually be cooler, which is normal). Overheated babies are uncomfortable and have an increased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Other risks for SIDS include loose blankets or sheets, and it’s good to note that babies don’t need to sleep under a duvet or quilt.

If you’re worried that your little one is cold, adding an extra layer of bedclothes will usually help. Remember not to put a hat on them when they’re indoors, as their head is important for
maintaining their body temperature by releasing heat. If you do feel your home is too cold and you want to leave the heating on all night, make sure it is set at a low temperature, and certainly no higher than 22⁰C.

The perfect sleep environment

  • Put up a blackout blind: Our portable blackout blind is ideal for use at home, and can really help create a snoozy, dark environment.
  • Use a toddler alarm clock: Teaching little one’s about time, takes, well… time! But our selection of sleep training clocks can help simplify the concept for toddlers, teaching them when to wake up and when to stay in bed.
  • Pop on some white (or pink) noise: Ambient sounds can drown out the sounds of the changing season – tweeting birds, we’re looking at you! Our Dreammaker™ sleep aid plays two types of pink noise. First, standard pink noise that the whole family can hear, and low-pass filtered pink noise with a 6 dB per octave roll-off. In simple terms, this setting mimics the exact frequency that sound would reach foetal ears, mimicking the sounds your little one heard in the womb.
  • Adjust the temperature: Just like us, your baby will also have trouble settling in a room that is too cool. The ideal room temperature is between 16 and 20°C. To help keep them snug, our sleepwear styles come in a range of togs and they’re made using breathable, all-natural fibres. To make sure that your little one is comfortable and safe, always ensure that they’re wearing the right tog for the season. We’ve got a gadget that can help too, meet the GroEgg room thermometer!