The rising popularity of glass bottles

But how come? Here are some reasons why parents might be swapping plastic bottles for glass.

The Rising Popularity of Glass Bottles

Not to brag, but we are selling glass bottles like hotcakes! We’re not here to bore you with figures but, compared to last week, our glass bottle sales have gone up by 1360%... *mind blown*

But how come? Here are some reasons why parents might be swapping plastic bottles for glass. 

Plastic-free parenting

Going plastic-free sounds intimidating, but no one is saying you have to chuck out all the plastic products that you and your little ones swear by. Making a few teeny tiny adjustments might be better for your baby and might make your life a little easier!

Buying glass bottles is an easy and practical first step to becoming more plastic-free – something everyone seems to be thinking about more and more. We all know that plastic isn’t exactly fantastic so shifting to a long-lasting, glass product just makes sense for a lot of people.

This is just one reason why parents are opting for great products like bamboo cutlery, glass bottles, and products made from more natural resources.

A more sustainable future

Living a more sustainable life seems to be a growing trend among parents and it’s not hard to see why. We all want to create the best future we can for our little ones, which includes doing our bit for the environment they’ll grow up in!

Listen, we’ve all taken an extra long shower for some peace and quiet or driven to the shop that’s a 6-minute walk down the road – reducing your carbon footprint can be tough sometimes. But buying glass rather than plastic is a simple and effective way to create a more sustainable future for your little ones.

What are the main benefits of glass bottles?

Glass bottles are super easy to clean!
There’s nothing worse than when your plastic containers start to get a little orange from washing them with last night’s curry. The good thing about glass is that it won’t stain or hold on to smells like plastic bottles might.

  • They can withstand hot temperatures.

You know what they say, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. You need to know that, when sterilising or preparing formula, your baby bottle can hold up to the hot temperatures they’ll be exposed to – time and time again.

  • No BPA, ever.

Some plastic bottles contain BPA which can be harmful to your little ones (rest assured, Tommee Tippee ones don’t). Glass bottles are 100% BPA free so there’s no need to worry about your baby’s health when it comes to feeding.

  • Modern glass bottles (including ours) are shatterproof.

The main concern around glass seems to be breakability, but they’re more durable than you think! No more worrying about the inevitable bumps and drops that come with feeding your little one.

  • They stand the test of time!

Plastic bottles morph and distort over time, especially when exposed to high heat. Buying glass over plastic is a sure-fire way of ensuring your baby bottles last as long as your little one needs them.

Choosing what’s right for you

Buying bottles isn’t an easy task, there are so many choices and you never know if you’re making the right one! Consider these factors in your search:

  • Is the bottle easy to use? Spilled milk is 100% worth crying over, so make sure your bottle is as easy to use as possible.
  • Babies have spoken and they prefer something that reminds them of Mum. Is the bottle teat shaped like a breast?
  • How easy is it to clean? We know you don’t have the time to scrub each and every product – get something that’s easy to keep sparkling clean.

Remember, if your baby has a Tommee Tippee bottle that they can’t live without – don’t worry about it! We are 100% baby safe, no matter which bottle you choose.