Parenting Truths

Real parents tell us the truth about their experience of raising a toddler.

What Nobody Tells You About Toddlers

Real parents tell us the truth about their experience of raising a toddler.

Home truths, ugly truths, honest truths and naked truths. The truth is that after over 50 years of supporting parents all around the world, we’ve learned everyone’s everyday is different. And that’s okay.

Molly's Story

"The truth is that while raising a toddler, you learn very quickly that children communicate through their behaviour.

We've had a lot of 'terrible two' moments like tantrums and meltdowns. I've learnt that these are a way for my children to communicate unmet needs. They don’t happen because my toddler wants to be upset and scream and shout, but because he's trying to tell me something so that I can meet his needs and help him to feel safe and happy.

When it comes to weaning a toddler, the truth is that it gets messy! We did baby-led weaning, and my kitchen was a tip, but seeing how amazed my little boy was by food cancelled out the mess he left in the kitchen."

Danielle's Story

"The truth is having a toddler is different to having a baby. They have opinions, and a voice to express them! 

At the moment we're going through a season of tantrums and my son is testing the boundaries. It requires a lot of patience. I try to deal with meltdowns in a calm manner and teach him that you don’t get your own way just because you cry or shout.

I want to help him understand and vocalise his emotions while staying calm, so asking why he feels a certain way can really help.

I love the little human that he's becoming. I love his personality and hearing his language develop. Every day he's learning more about the world and it's a great stage, but it does require a lot of patience!"

Sarah and Laura's Story

"The truth is that raising a toddler is one of the most challenging things you'll ever do as a parent.

Toddlers have different emotions and experiences every day, and while you may not understand their logic, it's important to be calm, respectful and listen to them as much as you can.

Truthfully, you will lose your cool from time to time. We try to acknowledge when we make a mistake and apologise to our little one, we want her to know that it's okay to slip up, but if you do, it's good to apologise.

When we began weaning, it opened up a whole new experience for us. It can get messy, but it's also really fun and exciting. We spent hours looking online and through books to find recipes, and it was amazing to introduce our little girl to new foods."

Sam and Rob's Story

"The truth is that there's nothing to prepare you for having a toddler! They do whatever they want, and you just need to adjust."

Gianni's Story

"The truth about having a toddler is that you need to be ready for a rollercoaster ride! Toddler life comes with a new feeling of independence for little ones. As a parent it can be a little challenging, but it's also a super fun stage.

My eldest daughter is like a mini version of me, and sometimes I have to check myself because she just has no filter!

Weaning her from breastfeeding was actually pretty hard. We cut down daytime feeds, but she just would not let go of her night feeds for about two months. I had I take a step back and let her take the lead. Once she was ready, she took to drinking from a cup very easily."