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Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Ultra™ Baby Bottle.

How do I assemble my Ultra bottle?

It’s pretty easy, however it’s essential to making sure that your Ultra bottle works without leaking.  If the teat/screw ring are not assembled properly, you may experience leakage.  The key to assembling the Ultra bottle is to ensure the indicator under the white screw ring is aligned with the indicator on the silicone teat.  (See photos below.)  The indicator on the teat is located right near the valve (the tiny circle on the top of the nipple.)  Start by holding the screw ring upside down with the indicator at the top.  Using both thumbs, align the indictor on the teat with the indictor on the screw ring.  Once you have aligned these two indicators, insert this part of the teat firmly in the ring and pull the remaining part of the teat through until it ‘clicks’ into place.  Ensure you have a tight seal around the circumference of the teat where it meets the screw ring.  Then, screw this on to the bottle.  Job done.

How are the Ultra bottles different to other bottles?

It may look a bit space-age but there are three very good reasons why the new Ultra bottle is different to all other bottles out there.

First, the teat has a breast-like shape for a natural latch and easier switching between breast and bottle.

Second, the unique contoured zone creates a secure seal to reduce air intake and dribbles.

Third, the teat is angled for a more comfortable feeding position for you and your baby. So there you go, three reasons why the new Ultra bottle is turning heads!

Is the Ultra Bottle compatible with my Tommee Tippee Breast Pump?

Sorry, the answer is no, but we’re working on this. In the meantime, the Closer to Nature bottles that come with your breast pump can be used for expressing and storing, and you can pour into the Ultra bottle for feeding if you like. Alternatively, if you’re expressing, you may want to check out our new Express and Go™ range - designed to make life simpler for mums who express.

Can I use Closer to Nature® or Advanced Comfort teats on my Ultra™ bottle?

The simple answer is no, and we’re really sorry about that. Most of our products are made with interchangeable parts to make life as simple as possible. But our new Ultra bottle is so unique that the teats just can’t be swapped with other bottles. You can get a range of Ultra teats though, to suit the needs of your growing baby - slow flow from birth, medium flow from around 3 months, fast flow when they’re ready to really guzzle.

Will Ultra bottles fit in my Tommee Tippee steriliser

Yes, but as they’re a little bigger you can only fit 5 Ultra bottles in the electric steam steriliser, instead of the usual 6. We know that’s not ideal, so we’re working on a brand new steriliser that will happily fit in more. Watch this space!

Is the ULTRA bottle compatible with other elements of the Tommee Tippee line?

1. Closer to Nature bottle. Unfortunately it is not compatible. The Closer to Nature bottle is primarily designed to ensure a smooth transition from breast to bottle while ULTRA is designed to deliver the perfect feeding experience. Both work well in their own right but are created for parents and babies with different needs. This is why they have been introduced as separate lines.

2. Sterilisers. Yes, ULTRA bottles will fit in the Tommee Tipppee Sterilisers. However it will require a bit of adjustment and, in the case of the electric steam steriliser, means you can only fit 5 bottles in versus 6 Closer to Nature bottles. Please note, we are shortly updating the Steriliser line to ensure a perfect fit.

3. Breast Pumps. No, but we are working on this. In the meantime, we suggest you express into the Closer to Nature bottle provided with your Tommee Tippee breast pump and, if you wish, decant this into the ULTRA bottle.

4. Perfect Prep machine. ULTRA will work with the Perfect Prep machine but, unfortunately, you cannot use the milk storage lids provided with the machine. We suggest you prepare your ULTRA bottle as you would Closer to Nature bottles but shake with the ULTRA cap placed firmly on top.

Can I get spare parts for my bottles?

Absolutely! Drop us a message through our Contact Us page and we will organise that for you.

Can I recycle my Ultra bottles when I’m done?

Yep. Our Ultra™ bottles are made from polypropylene (PP) that can happily be recycled.

I hear bad things about BPA - is it in your bottles? (& what is it anyway?)

All Tommee Tippee bottles are BPA-free. They are made of a plastic called polypropylene that’s lightweight, easy to clean, and completely safe. BPA - that’s (CH₃)₂C(C₆H₄OH)₂ for you science geeks - is a chemical that’s been used in some plastics since the 1960s and it can mess around with your hormones. It’s generally not good, so we don’t use it.

Why is my bottle misshapen?

Our bottles have a unique ‘waisted’ design that makes them cute and easy to hold. If your bottle has lost its shape, it could be that you’ve poured boiling water in then put the lid and teat on a bit too soon. Doing this can cause a vacuum to build up, which can suck the bottle inwards into a bit of an odd shape. The best bet (as endorsed by WHO - World Health Organisation) is to let freshly boiled water cool for around 30 minutes before making up a feed. This will make sure your Tommee Tippee bottle keeps its cute waisted shape.

Can I store breast milk in bottles?

Our bottles would love to look after your breast milk. We even have special lids you can pop on to store your milk in the fridge or freezer. If you’re expressing and storing breast milk, our new Express and Go™ range may be handy too - it features a clever pouch that you use to express, store, warm and feed. This means there’s no need to transfer milk at any stage, so you’ll never lose a precious drop!

Can I use Ultra bottles in my Perfect Prep machine?

Definitely - pop your Ultra bottle in place and you’ll have the perfect bottle in minutes. The only difference is you’ll need to pop the Ultra cap on before shaking, rather than using the lids that come with the machine. Unfortunately, they don’t fit on the new Ultra bottles.

Is it ok to put bottles in the dishwasher?

Of course! Pop them on the top shelf though. As with all white and clear plastic things they can get a bit stained and yucky-looking in the dishwasher (blame that bolognese sauce or carrot soup you had last night). If they do get discoloured there’s nothing to worry about - they’re perfectly safe, they just don’t look as inviting!

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