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Bathtime Accessories

Our range includes everything you need to make a bathtime fun

Bathtime is splashtime – a chance to play, learn, grow and bond. Calming soak or crazy splash, create a safe and comfortable space for your water baby.

Knee 'n' elbow cushioned rest

Watch your child in comfort at bath time and give your knees and elbows some padded comfort with this easy to use bath rest.

From GBP9.59

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Quick drain for fast drying

Ollie the Owl Bath Tidy

Hang Ollie in the shower, stand by the bath or attach to glass or tiles with his strong suction cups, and he’ll look after all your baby’s bathtime toys.

From GBP9.59

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2 in 1 pouring action 

Hair Rinser

Helping mums, dads and grandparents deal with the challenge of washing little ones’ hair. 


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Bath & room thermometer

Styles to fit with your nursery or bathroom décor, the Bath & Room Thermometer is suitable for measuring the temperature of baby’s room and bath.


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