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Baby Bottles

Shaped like a breast, feels like a breast, because babies prefer it that way!

A unique, easy-latch-on teat shape so that our bottle mimic the natural flex, stretch and movement of mum’s breast.

Which bottle is best for my baby? Check out our guide and get to grips with baby feeding bottles.

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Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

The Most Breast-like Feed

Our award-winning Closer to Nature bottle features an easy-latch-on teat that mimics the flex, stretch and shape of mum’s breast. So your baby is guaranteed to accept it.


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Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle

80% less colic. Same breast-like shape.

Our Advanced Anti-Colic bottle offers the latest anti-colic technology combined with our award-winning breast-like teat.


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It really did work to take the risk and do something completely different.


The choice to feed using a bottle or the breast is yours and yours alone.