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A wonderful experience, but not always without it's challenges

Choosing to express breast milk can be messy and complicated. So when you make the commitment to express, we commit to making life easier for you.

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Designed with real parents

Our product design team have one goal: to make life simpler for real families. That’s why our breastfeeding product range has been designed with ideas and inputs from real breastfeeding mums.

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Products that do exactly what you need

Our breast pumps are comfortable and easy to use (even at midnight); our Express and Go™ system uses a single pouch to take your milk from breast to baby bottle and our bottle warmer heats expressed milk in minutes. Simple.

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Express & Go™

Join the revolution by using a single Express & Go™ pouch to express, store, warm and feed. No need to transfer milk at any stage, so you’ll never lose a precious drop!

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Breast pumps

Quiet, comfortable and easy to use, our breast pumps help your baby enjoy all the goodness of breast milk even when you’re not there.

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Breastfeeding Accessories

Breastfeeding may be the most natural thing in the world, but here at Tommee Tippee we understand that doesn’t make it easy. We're here to make the experience as relaxed and simple as possible.

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Breastfeeding was sometimes tough, but totally worth it.


It may take you a while to get the hang of breast pumping. that’s ok though, as just like your baby, you’re new to all this.