Sleep Trainer Bundle

Help your child learn when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s OK to wake up and play with our connected sleep trainer clock. With multiple alarm settings, soothing sounds, and colour-changing clockface you can control everything from your phone and earn yourself a few extra minutes sleep. Paired with your choice of 1.0 tog Steppee - the sleep bag with feet, and our portable blackout blind. The 1.0 Tog is perfect for rooms 20-24°C (68-75°F) and for summer daytime naps.


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From £58.77 Worth £96.47 If bought separately

1 x Connected Sleep Trainer Clock   + £23.14
1 x The Original Grobag Sky Grey Marl Steppee, 6-18 months - 1.0 Tog   + £22.84

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Keep the lights low

Adjust brightness levels from your phone, to help your child sleep better in the dark.

No batteries needed

Our sleep trainer uses a micro USB charger, for power so there’s no need for batteries.

Power cut recovery

Handy power cut recovery mode ensures clock settings are retained even if there’s a power cut.

Customise colours

Choose a sleepy colour for the night time clock and a bright one for day time. As soon as your child sees the colour change, they know it’s okay to get out of bed

When you’re a parent a few extra minutes in bed can feel like a real treat. Our clever sleep trainer clock shows your little one when it’s time to stay in bed and when they can come and wake you through using simple colours and symbols. Simple to understand even when they’re too young to be able to tell the time. You can control everything from a clever app on your phone, or manually on the clock itself. You can set alarms for sleep and naps, change sounds and music and even dim the clock face for sleep time, all without getting up off your sofa (or out of bed). Choose from five lullabies and five natural sounds, including meditation music, whale song, and relaxing rainforest sounds to help your child fall asleep.

The Steppee is designed to give your child all the comfort and safety of a sleep bag whilst allowing them to walk, jump and play without having to remove it. The 1.0 Tog is perfect for rooms 20-24°C (68-75°F) and for summer daytime naps.

This lightweight, portable and adaptable blackout blind completely blocks out light to help create a dark and sleepy space anywhere, to encourage your little one to settle down to sleep. The Portable Blackout Blind comes in a choice of large or regular, large fits windows up to a maximum of 130 x 190 cm/ 51 x 78 in Regular fits windows up to a maximum of 130 x 99 cm / 51 x 39 in


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Star rating is 5 of 5.
Much better than the Gro Clock which we briefly tried. That has a horrible blue light beaming into the room and isn't smart or adjustable like this. This product has great features such as the adjustable light and wake times, I've already saved precious extra minutes in bed thanks to changing the wake time on the app. Only suggestion for improvement would be a dark mode on the app so I'm not blinded by my phone when I change the time early in the morning.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
I’ve been using this for about a month, the initial set up was easy however after being unplugged a while as my toddler decided he didn’t like it, when we went to reset up it took a while to get it connected to WiFi. Overall it’s easy to use and helps my toddler understand when he can get up in the morning.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
We made the switch from the GroClock and can honestly say that this is much more user friendly! The app makes it so much easier to set times and change them whenever or as much as suits you! My little boy (3years old) loves the coloured background and the bear character although I prefer the concept of the moon and sun to represent night and day.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
What a game changer for my twins. We have previously tried a sleep training clock but it was unsuccessful in helping. We have had a lot of early morning starts. However this time we may have cracked it. Dare I say! I love the fact it connects to your phone and that it’s fully customisable to personalise. The twins have found it a fun addition to their bedroom. Would highly recommend this product!
Star rating is 5 of 5.
I’ve been using this for my little man for a few weeks now and I love it. Compared to what we used to use its brilliant. I can control it on my phone so don’t have to set it up if he’s half asleep. I even forgot to set it up and set it when halfway down the street out of WiFi range when daddy was doing bed time and it worked!! The range of colours on the screen are brilliant so you can mix it up. My only negative is the nap timer. My nearly 2 year old has about a 3 hour nap at lunch time but the clock has a max timer of 120 minutes so not long enough for his nap and changes colour to wake mode too soon so I have to pop it in night mode to bypass it.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
We got this to try and keep our 3 year old son in bed until a reasonable hour! He loves he can choose a colour for the wake mode and sleep mode. We’ve chosen purple for sleep and green for wake. Can set an alarm or not and the screen changes colour at the time you set. Very easy to use with the Tommee Tippee app, clock itself is very sturdy. One gripe I have is it doesn’t include a plug just a usb wire, wasn’t a problem for us with spare usb plugs but may be for others without.

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