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Made for Me Expressing Bundle - black

If you've decided you want to breastfeed but want the flexibility of being able to express and bottle feed too, the Expressing Bundle has everything you need to do both. It helps you to express, sterilise and warm breast milk so loved ones can get involved in feed time.

disposable-breast-pads nipple-shields-two-packs Milk-Storage-Bags

Option: Disposable Breast Pads *

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    • Disposable Breast Pads - 50 pack

Option: Nipple Shields - 2 pack*

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    • Nipple Shields - 2 pack

Option: Complete Feeding Set, black*

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    • Complete Feeding Set, black

Option: Electric Breast Pump set*

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    • Made for Me Single Electric Breast Pump

Option: Milk Storage Bags - 36 pack*

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    • Milk Storage Bags - 36 pack

Option: Breast-like Soother (0-6 months) - 2 pack*

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    • Breast-like Soother (0-6 months) - 2 pack




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disposable-breast-pads nipple-shields-two-packs Milk-Storage-Bags

Frequently Bought Together


Bundle and save

Exclusive to Tommee Tippee, this collection contains our discreet and comfortable Made for Me Electric Breast Pump, Milk Storage Bags, Breast Pads, Nipple Shields and the Complete Feeding Set, including our award winning Closer to Nature baby bottles, an Advanced Electric Steriliser and an Electric Bottle Warmer and a host of feeding accessories. Amazing value, and hopefully a big help to keep breastfeeding as stress-free as possible.

Natural expression

The soft silicone cup on our Electric Breast Pump is designed to mimic a baby’s natural feeding action, whilst providing gentle and efficient expression, maximum comfort for mum and a guaranteed 0% backflow.


All the items in this bundle are completely baby-safe and BPA-free. Our 100% natural steam steriliser kills 99.9% of harmful germs to keep your little ones bottles safe and clean. With the lid closed the contents will remain sterile for up to 24 hours.

Looking after mum

Our disposable breast pads and nipple shields make sure you stay your confident, happy self. Thanks to their breathability and contoured design the pads stay put in your bra and the soft silicone of the nipple shields acts like a second skin for sore or cracked nipples during feed time.


This bundle contains five essential expressing solutions, bundled together at a great value price.

  • One Complete Feeding Set, containing: 1 x Super-Steam electric steriliser, 1 x Easi-Warm bottle & food warmer, 2 x insulated bottle bags, 4 x 150ml bottles with slow flow teats, 4 x 260ml bottles with slow flow teats, 1 x bottle & teat brush, 4 x milk powder dispensers, 1 x 0-6m soother, 1 x teat tongs.
  • One Made for Me Electric Breast Pump.
  • A pack of 36 pre-sterilised milk storage bags so you can easily store milk in the fridge.
  • A pack of 50 Disposable Breast Pads.
  • A pack of two BPA free, silicone Nipple Shields with a hygienic carry case.


Feeding is an important time for bonding with baby, many breastfeeding mums choose to express so loved ones can get involved in feed time. Our Expressing Bundle has everything you need to make breastfeeding, expressing and bottle feeding baby simple.
The Electric Breast Pump makes expressing as comfortable as possible, mimicking a baby’s natural feeding action, whilst providing gentle and efficient expression. The Milk Storage Bags, Electric Bottle Warmer and Insulated Bottle Bags help you to store and warm milk so you can have a bottle on hand at body temperature whenever baby decides its time for a feed.
The award winning Closer to Nature bottles and teats help breast fed babies transition between breast and bottle with ease. Shaped like a breast, because babies prefer it that way the smooth silicone flexes just like mum for acceptance guaranteed *.
Our disposable breast pads, nipple cream and nipple shields will help you stay comfortable and confident, thanks to their breathability and discreet, non-slip design, so they stay put in your bra!
When you want to breastfeed baby the soft silicone Nipple Shields will help you get skin-to-skin contact whilst protecting nipples from cracking.
Bundled together at amazing value this exclusive collection contains all the essentials for the mum that wants to breastfeed on her terms.

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Made for Me Expressing Bundle - black