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Get Nursery Ready Bundle, pink


The dream nursery is a place that helps your baby feel relaxed and comfortable, so they rest and sleep soundly. It’s also a place that’s germ-free and smells as fresh as a daisy … and that’s where this great value collection can help.

grey-ollie-the-owl-comforter-flat ollie-the-owl-gro-friend newborn-night-soother-with-bear-and-moon

Option: Twist & Click Nappy Disposal Bin *

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    • Twist & Click Nappy Disposal Bin, pink

Option: Sleepee Basket*

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    • Sleepee Basket with Stand, pink

Option: Confetti Newborn Grosnug - cosy*

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    • Confetti Newborn Grosnug - light

Option: GroFriend Sleep Aid *

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    • Ollie the Owl Grofriend - sleep aid

Option: 0-2 Newborn Soother*

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    • Newborn Night Time Soother (0-2 months) - 2 pack

Option: Groegg*

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    • Gro Egg2 Ambient Room Thermometer

Option: Ollie the Owl Grocomforter*

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    • Ollie the Owl Grocomforter



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grey-ollie-the-owl-comforter-flat ollie-the-owl-gro-friend newborn-night-soother-with-bear-and-moon

Frequently Bought Together


Bundle and save

This great value exclusive collection provides everything you need to ensure cosy nap and night times plus mess-free change times. With a host of products designed to help your baby sleep soundly from our germ-busting Twist & Click nappy bin to our Sleepee moses basket.

Great for space

Slimline and compact, the Twist & Click nappy disposal bin fits into any room whilst our Sleepee moses baket is easily carried with its integrated handles wherever you are. 300 breathable air holes allow for maximum airflow means baby is comfortable and safe during the day and night.

Soothe baby to sleep

Grofriends play sounds of heartbeat, rainfall and white noise. If baby stirs Brahms lullaby will automatically play soothing baby back to the land of nod. Glow in the dark night soothers turn sobs into sleep, plus no more spending an age on your hands and knees searching for lost soothers.

Complete peace of mind

The Groegg nursery thermometer changes colour with the temperature of the room, the colours act as a reminder for you to cool or heat the room. Our cosy Grosnug is perfect for rooms between 16-20°C and comes with a handy ‘what to wear’ information guide.


This great value collection provides everything you need in their nursery for mess-free change times and cosy nap and night times

  • 1 x Twist & Click Nappy Disposal Bin which includes one pre-loaded cassette
  • 1 x Sleepee Basket
  • 1 x Gro Snug
  • 1 x Ollie GroFriend Sleep Aid
  • 1 x Groegg 2

One pack of 0-2m Newborn Soother


You go to great lengths to be baby ready – painting, decorating and creating a nursery full of everything baby needs. Night time or nap time, keep your baby close as they sleep safely by your side. Sleepee is a safe, modern, stylish and portable moses basket that provides the perfect space for a sleeping baby. Babies love to feel safe and secure, just like when they were in mum’s tummy, especially when they’re sleeping. Wrap your little one in our cosy Grosnug and swaddle them for sleeping arms in or arms out. Have you thought about how to keep everything clean and fresh once baby arrives? Our Twist & Click nappy disposal system is a stylish and practical way to keep your home fresh, clean and smell free once baby starts producing nappies. It’s the only nappy bin that individually twists and wraps each nappy in anti-bacterial film to safely seal away germs and odours. Say goodnight with bedtime buddy Ollie the Owl who listens out for your little one and plays a soothing lullaby or natural sounds to help soothe them back to sleep. The Groegg nursery thermometer changes colour with the temperature of the room, giving you reassurance that your baby is at a safe temperature when sleeping.

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Get Nursery Ready Bundle, pink