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Don't worry, be happy!

All parent worry but take a deep breadth and a few well-chosen gadgets may help reassure you.

Sleep! What sleep?

Everyone says newborns sleep all the time. Then you bring them home and it’s not that simple! From co-sleeping to controlled crying, there’s so much conflicting ‘advice’ - all you can do is zone it out and do what feels right. And if a monitor helps to put your mind at ease, we’ve got plenty to choose from.

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Designed for real-life parenting

We know how hard it is to relax when your new baby is in another room, and we know how scary it is they’re poorly. That’s why all our monitors and thermometers are super sensitive, easy to use, and completely reliable - one less thing for you to worry about!

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And remember, every parent is different!

We all know every baby is different, but so is every parent! Some nibble tiny nails, others use clippers. Some dip a wrist in the bath, others need to see 37-38℃ in black and white! There’s no right or wrong way to be a mum or dad, and however you do it, our range of monitoring products are here to help!

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Super sensitive and easy-to-use, our range of sound, vision and movement monitors provide extra peace of mind, so you can relax when they do. Or at least you can try to!

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Whether you’re checking the bath temperature or looking after a little one with sniffles, our thermometers and healthcare kit are essential tools to keep your little one happy and healthy.

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It was all going well until the midwife spotted a few signs she wasn’t happy with and, just like that, everything changed.


Breastfeeding was sometimes tough, but totally worth it.