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Tommee Tippee Soothers have been designed to be more like a bottle teat so baby will love the new baby soothers.

The symmetrical orthodontic teat on the Tommee Tippee baby soothers have been designed to ensure baby acceptance.

Ultra-light silicone soother

Inspired by our award-winning breast-like teats, our soothers move and flex just like mum, so baby’s more likely to accept them first time.


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Breast-like soother

The most breast-like soother for baby to latch onto between feeds


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Newborn Soothers

Tommee Tippee Newborn Soothers have been designed to be perfectly suited for smaller newborn mouths.

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Fun style soothers

Bright and playful designs are based on an animal theme, ranging from cute ladybirds, funky fish to beautiful butterflies.


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Air soother

Air holes in the shield encourage improved air to flow to help minimise risk skin irritation. Available in a variety of colours


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Little London soothers

Our Little London Soother collection combines elegant design with a traditional shield style for a soother you’ll love as much as your little one. Peace never looked so good!

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MeMe soothers

Embrace a fresh range of soothers that ooze style. Directional colours and sassy decoration are combined with a traditional shield shape for the very best in style and comfort for your baby.

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Night time soother

The handles on the Night time baby Soothers glow in the dark, making it easier to find lost and discarded baby soothers in the middle of the night


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Moda Soother

Designed to make your baby stand out from the crowd. The collection features fashion forward designs for those who think life is one long runway.


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Anytime soothers

Traditional shield style with modern but understated designs making for a discreet looking baby soother which is ideal for newborn babies.


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Cherry soother

Our Latex Cherry Soothers offer comfort, safety and a cool classic look for baby.

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Funky face soothers

Our latex Funky Face Soothers offer cute animals face shield designs for the little animal in your life.

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Soother holder

The soother holder has a flex and stretch connector so that the baby soothers are never too far away

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Soft rim soother

Our latex Soft Rim Soothers have a soft outer rim to cushion baby’s face – perfect for little ones with sensitive skin.

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