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Non slip mats, easy scoop bowls and lots of other innovative products to help make mealtimes less stressful!

Tommee Tippee baby tableware has been designed to make mealtimes easy and less messy for you!

Travel Chair Harness

This handy chair harness provides the ideal travel accessory for parents on the go, allowing you to turn most dining chairs into a secure baby seat.


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Easy Scoop Feeding Bowl

Stack up on easy-scoop bowls for fuss-free feeding, with our Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls.


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Section Plates

Help your toddler try new tastes with less waste, with our Section Plates.


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Magic Mat

Our Magic Mat works with all our plates and bowls, holding them firmly in place

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Pop up freezer pots and tray

Store home-made baby food simply and safely with our Pop Up Freezer Pots and Tray.

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Cool n mash bowl

Our Cool and Mash Bowl incorporates a unique section which allows you to cool and mash each spoonful at a time.

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Essential Food Pots

The Essentials Food Pots & Lids are a great, simple no frills food pot.

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Essential bowls

Perfectly sized for little meals, you can simply pop the food in and feed baby.

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Essential plates

Perfectly sized for little meals and ideal for taking to picnics in the park!

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When baby number 2 came along, it was me that had the problem


Choosing a childminder was definitely the right decision for us