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Smart Safe Simple

The Healthcare range from Tommee Tippee - For a happy and healthy baby from top to toe!



At Tommee Tippee we believe you know best when it comes to looking after your child. Nothing compares to a parents instinct. But sometimes you need another helping hand.

Our healthcare range is here to provide extra reassurance for you, and care for your baby that is often needed. Our range is completely SAFE and SIMPLE to use and has a number of SMART features to make caring for your baby that little bit easier.

The range includes our No Touch Forehead Thermometer and the Digital 2-in-1 Thermometer as well as our original Digital Ear Thermometer. Our handy Bath and Room Thermometer also allows for dual temperature measurements to ensure conditions are always perfect for baby. The range also features our best-selling Healthcare kit that includes nine essential items to help you groom and care for your baby from birth through to the early years.