made for me®
in-bra wearable breast pump

made for me®
in-bra wearable breast pump

Powered by you. Pump whenever, wherever.

Anything they can do, you can do pumping

Intuitive, discreet and cord-free the pump slips into your bra so you can be truly hands-free.

Available exclusively at Walmart.

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ConstantComfort™ Technology

This wearable pump is the only breast pump that mimics baby-like suction using revolutionary ConstantComfort™ technology.

It feels like a continuous low-level vacuum around your nipple with small waves of pressure to draw the breast milk out. This vacuum is like a baby latching on using their mouth, and the pressure waves feel like them using their tongue to draw milk from the nipple.

To get the most comfortable pumping experience it's crucial you find the right horn size - we offer 5 different sizes for free.

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Made for you

Did you know that the fit of your nipple in the breast pump can influence comfort and breast milk flow?


We know that every nipple is different, so we give you five free horn sizes for free - so you can measure up and find the right fit for you.

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Nipple alignment

This pump has a nipple alignment guide light to direct you and get the perfect fit for a more efficient experience.

Especially useful in dark settings or if you're just getting started, it means that you can get the best and most comfortable positioning of your nipple as your express breast milk.

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Smart app enabled

Thanks to the Tommee Tippee app, you get personal pump insights and can controland can control the pump from your smart phone.

You can start and pause your pump through the app, and adjust the intensity of the massage and expression settings. You can also register which breast you're using and see at a glance how full your milk collector bottle is.

And, when you're done, the app automatically adds your unique insights to your private tracking page, shown either as a 24-hour or five-day view. These views include a timeline that shows which breast was used, how much milk was produced and the duration of each pumping session.

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One or two, pump as you please

Designed to fit your lifestyle, our double pump can be worn as a single or in a pair, so you can express breast milk from one boob and breastfeed your baby from the other, or pump from both breasts at the same time.

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This pump easily converts to a bottle, for a seamless transition from expressing to feeding.

The five ounce milk collector is compatible with our award-winning Closer to Nature® nipples, so you can make your own bottle with guaranteed acceptance in a few simple steps. 

1. Milk collector bottle: To make it even easier to feed your little one breast milk once you’ve expressed it, the milk collector is compatible with our Closer to Nature® nipples, so you can use it just like a bottle.

2. Nipple alignment light: This is a red light that projects out of the horn and onto your breast when you first turn your pump on. This light helps you guide your nipple into the centre of the horn and helps get the perfect fit for a more efficient experience.

3. USB charge: Charging your pump is easy thanks to a USB cable. When fully charged, you get up to twelve 20-minute pumps – that’s four hours of expressing power!

4. Massage mode: This mode uses a higher frequency, lower intensity suction which mimics how your baby first stimulates the breast to encourage milk flow.

5. Expression modes: These modes use slower sucks to draw your milk out and into the collector bottles effectively. In expression mode, there are eight intensity settings so you can choose a level that's comfortable for you.

6. App connected controls: In the app, you can switch between massage and expression mode whenever you like, because every person and every session is different. The app also keeps track of how much breastmilk you express and visualizes milk output from each breast.

7. Easy to clean: Made up of only seven parts, your pump is simple to assemble and clean.

Express yourself with

made for me®

made for me®

Expressing breast milk using a breast pump is one of the ways you can make your feeding experience easier. Our Made for Me™ breast pumps are here to help.

Whether you choose manual or electric, single or double, they’re all designed with your comfort in mind, so that you feel confident to express when and wherever you like.

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