Understanding the Basics of Weaning

We know how it goes, you and your little one have just mastered milk and suddenly they're six months old!

Hitting this development milestone means that it's time to start mixing your baby's mealtimes up a bit, and start introducing them to solid or textured foods alongside their usual breast milk or formula.

We're here to help with everything you need to prepare and serve your baby’s meals.

More than half a century of experience

Tommee Tippee started with a clever cup with a weighted base that wouldn’t tip over.

That was over 50 years ago, and we’ve never stopped creating products designed to make every day life easier for parents and better for baby.

Our weaning and feeding range supports you from one stage to the next, and helps your little one to develop healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

Fresh baby food in a flash

quick cook baby food maker

Quick Cook Baby Food Maker

So much more than your average kitchen blender, our quick-cook baby food maker steams fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, and blends ingredients to make nutritious food at the push of a button.

Mealtimes, mastered

As parents, we all want the same things. A happy, full, healthy baby – and a clean kitchen.

At Tommee Tippee, we've got a range of products to help you achieve all of the above!

tommee tippee baby cutlery

Baby Cutlery

Our baby cutlery encourages independence and helps develop your baby's coordination skills. Meet Smushee™, Softee™ and Easigrip™!

tommee tippee baby bibs in a dishwasher


Keeping mess to a minimum, our baby and toddler bibs are easy to wipe clean and comfortable to wear.

Clever cups

Every child is different, but you can usually start introducing your baby to drinking from a cup anywhere between six and 12 months, as this is when they can begin drinking water alongside their meals.

They can start drinking water from this age whether they’re breastfed, formula fed or fed a combination. Just make sure that they can sit up and hold their head steady independently.

Parent Room | Weaning

dad feeding his baby in their highchair

Introducing Your Baby to Textured & Solid Foods

This is your chance to introduce new flavors, and to encourage your mini-me to chew solids and meals with lumpier textures.

baby wearing a purple bib sitting in their highchair

Our Guide to Homemade Baby Food 

We’ve put together a list of the benefits of homemade baby food, as well as some handy hints on how to get started.