When it’s time to move on from milk...

...it’s the start of a great big food adventure with baby. And while things may get messy, we're here to help make it fun and healthy too.

For everything you need to prepare baby’s meals, to their first cutleryto cupsbibs and tableware, we’ve got you covered for a great start to healthy appetites and mealtime manners. 

More than 50 years of experience

Tommee Tippee started with a clever cup with a weighted base that wouldn’t tip over. That was over 50 years ago, and we’ve never stopped creating products designed to make every day life easier for parents and better for baby.

First tastes to little diners

You can always be a five-star chef in your baby’s eyes with the Quick Cook Baby Food Maker, which allows you to make nutritious homemade meals for your little one in minutes.

As baby grows they’ll want to feed themselves, so spoons and forks with chunky handles help them dive into our easy scoop feeding bowls. They might not hit their mouth every time, so our bibs are there to help keep something clean.

Quick-cook baby food maker

We know that you care about what your kids are eating

(even if it does end up all over the floor). But we also know that cooking isn’t always easy. It takes time and effort.

Quick Cook Baby Food Maker

So our Quick Cook Baby Food Maker is what parents have been waiting for. It creates quality home made meals for baby in minutes. Even if your cooking skills are only up to burnt toast.

Specially designed to steam and blend home-made baby food in minutes so you can spend less time cooking, less time cleaning and more time with your cute little dinner date. No need to struggle to make your baby nutritious meals. The Quick Cook Baby food maker makes it super easy to be a super chef.

Dining out and about

When it comes to little ones, we take an ‘eat anywhere’ approach as a way of introducing little ones to sharing tables and mealtime manners.

From easy scoop bowls, to bibs that roll and go to easy ways to warm and serve food and snacks on the go, we try make dining out as simple and mess free as possible. So whether you’re enjoying picnics in the park or lunch with all the relatives your little one can join in and feel part of the family. 

Kalani Teether

Kalani Teether

Kalani sensory teething toy is proven to relieve baby’s pain through all stages of teething.

Bamboo Lunchbox

Bamboo lunchbox

Little monsters love to munch. This colorful, durable 2-piece lunchbox set means you can always have snacks on hand to keep them smiling.

Easi-roll Bibs

Easi-roll bibs

At home or out and about these clever bibs are probably the only bibs you’ll ever need.