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Bazaarvoice Cookies Policy

This website is operated by our partner Bazaarvoice, Inc. Bazaarvoice uses cookies on this website. More detail on the cookies that are used is detailed in the tables below. Bazaarvoice has undertaken to use the information collected via these cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  

Overview of session cookies and what happens if users disable them

Purpose of Cookie Alternative (if you disable, block or opt-out)
To operate Sampling services If cookies are disabled then users may not be able to log in to the sampling portal


Technical description of cookies set by Sampling






  • session_id
  • ip_address
  • user_agent
  • last_activity 

Sampling user session support

Session cookie

These cookies are used to maintain users login during application use. Expiration is set to 2 hours past last_activity.


  • distinct_id
  • initial_referrer
  • initial_referring_domain
  • tenant

MixPanel analytics support

Session cookie

These cookies are used by 3rd party MixPanel to provide application usage statistics for Sampling UX team. Expiration is set to 365 days.