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Baby Loss

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    a pair of holding hands resting on a table

    Sarah's Story: "Miscarriage is Not Taboo"

    "We have been wanting to do a miscarriage awareness post for a while and could never bring ourselves to do it, but we now feel strong enough..."

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    womans hand writing in a diary

    Baby Loss Awareness: Beth's Poem

    "You floated for a while, in those moments you were always wanted and will always be loved."

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    womans hand holding a orange pen writing in a diary

    Baby Loss: Abigail's Healing Journey

    "Our 4-year journey to get to where we are now has been truly devastating and left me with mental scars that I don’t think I will ever fully shake off, but I’ve learnt to accept that time does heal!"

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    mum and child holding hands in dappled sunlight

    Mel's Baby Loss Story

    "In the darkest moments it’s hard to imagine anyone can feel the pain that you do but please know you are not alone and there are so many people you can talk to about your child."

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  • Baby Loss
    people lighting candles

    Keeping Your Baby’s Memory Alive With the Wave of Light

    The Wave of Light provides time to reflect, share memories, and stand beside all those who’re grieving the babies who lit up their lives for such a short time.

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