Thoughts from Mums on expressing

Real mums tell it like it is.

Thoughts from Mums on breast pumping

You’re not alone with if expressing is an alien concept to you and for some expressing isn’t always plain sailing, so…. here’s what some of our mums on Facebook have to say on the subject so that you’re prepared for something similar:

“I had no concept of what expressing would look like. I was pretty horrified when I bought a pump, tried it and saw my nipple and breast being milked like a dairy cow.”

“If my breast were really full and I went in the shower, the hot water seemed to have the same effect and I was like I had 2 milk firehoses”. 

“I’d stacked a pile of files on my desk and thought I could express in my office but sure enough I flashed a colleague more than I wanted”

“Don’t cry over spilt milk, unless it’s breast milk…..then sob”

“The number of times I leaked milk all over my top because I thought I’d just wait another 5 minutes to express!”

“I challenge anyone to look down when expressing and not think of a cow!!”

“Being up at 3am expressing whilst the baby sleeps through…feels so wrong”

“Seriously, moment of silence for the breasts”