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Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Groclock.

If the power is turned off, does the Groclock remember the correct time?

When the power goes off, the Groclock freezes all its settings, including the main time, wake up times and brightness. If the power goes off for a few seconds and then comes back on there will only be a few seconds’ difference. But if the power was off for a longer period of time , then the time would be out by the same length of time and you will need to reset the Groclock.


If I need to keep the power on to maintain the correct time, won’t that use a lot of electricity?

No, your Groclock uses LEDs so it’s naturally energy efficient. It also has a built–in energy saving mode. One hour after the wake-up time, the clock automatically turns off  its coloured LED lights and runs on a tiny amount of electricity. Just press any key and the colour LEDs will come back.


What is the difference between the night–time and day–time nap mode?

Your Groclock clock works the same way in both night-time and day-time modes. Once you’ve set the getting–up time, the clock will count down and the star will change into the sun at the time set in each mode. The Groclock has a night-time and day-time mode so that you can set different times for your child to sleep during the day and at night, and save having to reset your Groclock every time you want them to go to sleep.


Can I make the alarm sound at any time and in any mode?

Yes.  You can set the Groclock alarm separately from the night–time or day–time nap modes. For example, you can have the sun coming up silently at 7am and then the alarm sounding at 7.30am.


How do I know if the alarm will sound?

The alarm bell icon appears in the cheek of the sun/star when the alarm is switched on.


How can I stop my child from playing with buttons and changing the settings?

Very easily, by using the key–lock function, which is similar to the function on mobile phones.


Is there a demo mode so I can show my child how it changes from the sun to Mr Star?

Yes. There is a built–in demo mode which runs through all the sun and Mr Star transitions. Press and hold the UP button for three seconds and the clock will show all the transitions on a continuous loop. To turn off the Demo mode, simply press and hold the UP button for three seconds.


My screen has frozen and is not responding to any controls

Switch the clock off at the mains, wait a few seconds and switch back on.

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