Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle Feeding Starter Set

The Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle Feeding starter set is specially designed for formula feeding babies to help prevent colic by reducing air bubbles in the milk whilst making preparing a bottle easy, even when you're out and about.

This Bottle Starter Set contains:

2x 9fl oz. Advanced Anti-Colic Bottles with slow flow nipples
2x 5fl oz. Advanced Anti-Colic Bottles with slow flow nipples
2x medium flow nipples
2x milk storage pots
2x bottle lids
2x formula dispensers
2x 0-3 month Everyday Pacifier
1x nipple and bottle cleaning brush


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80% less colic

Unique venting system draws air bubbles away during feeding

Heat sensing

Heat sensing strip changes color to pink, if milk is too hot

Natural latch

Our super wide nipple is shaped like mom’s breast to encourage a natural latch


Our Closer to Nature® baby bottles are 100% BPA-free for complete peace of mind

This Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle Feeding Starter Set is designed to provide parents with a full feeding set that helps prevent colic by reducing air bubbles in milk and encouraging a good latch-on. All parents want their baby to be happy and comfortable, that's why we put together our award-winning breast-like nipple with the latest anti-colic innovation in the Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic bottle.

80% fewer colic symptoms*
Babies may develop colic symptoms if they take in too much air during feeding. With its unique anti-colic venting system, our Advanced Anti-Colic bottle helps stop air mixing with milk. Air is drawn through the vents in the venting wheel, down the venting tube and out of the star valve into the air space at the base of the bottle, meaning 80% fewer colic symptoms such as gas, reflux and fussing.

Breast-like shaped nipple
The breast-like shaped nipple of our Advanced Anti-Colic Bottles allows babies to latch on easily and supports the transition between breast and bottle. The soft silicone nipple feels closer to skin, and moves, flexes and stretches during feeding to mimic a natural breastfeeding action.

Heat sensing
The venting tube has a heat sensing strip that changes color if milk is too hot. Dip the tube for 10 seconds to see the milk temperature. A pink strip shows that the milk is too hot. Leave to cool down further before feeding your baby.

*We consulted 210 parents who tried using Advanced Anti-Colic bottles to reduce their child’s colic symptoms, 80% of them agreed the bottle had successfully reduced the symptoms (June 2017)

The average rating of this product is 4.5 of 5.
4.5 / 5 39 Reviews
Star rating is 5 of 5.
So happy we chose to go with these bottles. Ordered multiple. I would certainly choose this brand again in a heart beat. Thank you for having a great sale. Couldnt be any happier
Star rating is 4 of 5.
This was a great item. The bottles were easy to handle and fit perfectly in the diaper bag. The starter kid also had several other items like the cleaning brush, pacifier and food storage that were so nice to have.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
Received these a couple of weeks ago and have used them for my breastfeeding baby several times. He took the bottles well! Happy to have found something to use for pumped milk that he will drink from.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
My son is 5 months old. He has moderate reflux and chronic gas that keeps him up at night. I almost exclusive nurse so I didn’t even use these bottles everyday. I definitely noticed a decrease in his gas on the days I used one these bottles in comparison to others I have.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
This set is FANTASTIC! It really does include all you could need. The travel containers for the formula are so convenient. They hold four scoops of formula and come apart for easy washing. I have used the bottles to store breastmilk and the lids are perfect for keeping them sealed. They really thought of everything when making this kit. The fact that they included both slow flow and medium flow perfect so you don't have to purchase them separately . The heat indicator is nice for caregivers that might not know what is too hot. Our baby loves the included pacifiers.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
Received starter box complimentary from Tommee Tippee for review. Bottles work well for my little one but when I got these bottles he's already 7 months so gas wasn't an issue for him anymore. Wished I was able to try it earlier when he was a newborn and struggled with this. The formula container that fits inside the bottles to bring with you while on the go is an awesome feature! I use the little containers for snacks on the go too. I gave this 4 stars because the bottle brush is too big to clean my pump parts too. I give my baby both formula and breast milk so I normally use the brush to clean both so this was an inconvenience to get 2 different cleaning brushes. Overall, Tommee Tippee products have been good for my little one.

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