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Advanced Anti-Colic Feed & Sleep Gift Bundle

A good night's sleep is a necessity - and not just for baby! This bundle has everything you need for a fuss-free bedtime feeding and safer, cozier sleep.

Option: Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Gift Set*

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    • Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Feeding Gift Set

Option: Grey Marl Newborn Grosnug - light*

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    • Grey Marl Newborn Grosnug - light

Option: Choice of Breathable Toy*

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    • Eddy the Elephant Breathable Toy



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The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the swaddle as a ‘hip-healthy’ product when used as directed. The design helps to ensure that baby’s legs are in a natural frog-legged position when sleeping and this is important for correct hip development.


Heat sensing strip changes color to pink, if milk is too hot.

High-Quality contruction and material

Made of 100% cotton with the highest quality construction--baby-safe zippers, nickel-free snaps, and no rough edges. Machine washable

80% Less Colic

Unique venting system draws air bubbles away during feeding


Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Bottle Feeding Set contains our award-winning breast-like bottle nipple, plus extra protection against colic symptoms like gas, reflux and fussing: • 2x 5oz bottles w/ slow flow nipples • 3x 9oz Baby Bottles w/ Slow Flow Nipples • 1x Travel Baby Bottle Warmer • 1x Bottle Brush • 2x Medium Flow Anti-Colic Nipples • 2x Formula Dispensers • 1x Set of Removable Handles • 2x 0-6m Pacifiers • 2x Valve Cleaning Brushes The Groswaddle is an award-winning alternative to traditional newborn baby swaddles • Suitable from birth to 12 lbs • Your little ones' upper body and arms are wrapped to create a comforting swaddle • The lower sleepsuit pocket allows for a natural leg position • Officially acknowledged as "Hip-healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute • Easy to use - no fastenings, worry about overwrapping or legs getting loose • 100% Cotton and machine washable • What To Wear guide provided on pack


Buy together and save

This collection contains an Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Starter Set, a cozy Grosnug for safe sleep, and the adorable Eddy the Elephant breathable toy for your little one to snuggle and nibble on.

Amazing value, and hopefully a big help to keep feeding and sleeping as stress-free as possible.

Safer Sleep

The award-winning Grosnug is the 2 in 1 swaddle and sleep bag to help newborns feel secure and snug just like in mommy's tummy. It's reassuringly snug on top, with hip-healthy leg space on the bottom. Super lightweight cotton keeps baby at a safer sleep temperature all night long

80% less colic

A baby with colic is no fun for anyone. Our Advanced Anti-Colic baby bottles are specifically designed to prevent colic by reducing air bubbles in the milk and encouraging a good latch during feeding.

Baby-safe and allergy-friendly

Made from hypoallergenic soft-knitted mesh, there’s no need to worry as little hands squish and tiny mouths explore Eddy's soft texture*. And when your little one’s cuddly pal grows scruffy from too much playtime, a quick spin in the washing machine will freshen him up. *Soft toys should not be left in baby’s crib.

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Advanced Anti-Colic Feed & Sleep Gift Bundle

Sweet dreams and no colic = Happy baby, mommy and daddy!