Advanced Sensitive Skin Pacifier

The Advanced Sensitive Skin Pacifier is specially designed to be kind to baby’s delicate and sensitive skinIt curves away from baby’s face to minimize contact with baby’s nose and mouth, which means less chance of rashes and sore spots. Made from super-soft silicone with a skin-like feel, it’s also one pacifier that your little one is likely to accept. 

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Unique design minimizes contact with baby’s skin

Reduces moisture build up

Curves away from baby’s face to prevent saliva build up

Easy clean

Sterilizer and dishwasher safe

Baby friendly

BPA and BPS free for your reassurance

Some pacifiers can allow saliva to build up and pool beneath, leaving your little one with drool on their chin that can lead to rashes and sore spots. Unlike these traditional pacifiers, our Advanced Sensitive Skin Pacifier has a curved design that is uniquely shaped to keep away from baby’s cheeks and nose.    

Large holes in the pacifier shield also allow more air to flow through it, so that baby’s skin can breathe. This helps keep their mouth, nose and cheeks dry and free from moisture, preventing any skin irritation.  

Made from super-soft silicone with a skin-like feel, the sensitive skin pacifier is shaped like our award-winning Closer to Nature bottle nipple. This means babies are 92% more likely to accept it*, and it makes switching between breast, bottle and pacifier far less confusing for baby.  

* based on a survey of 1200 parents 

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The average rating of this product is 5 of 5.
5 / 5 23 Reviews
Star rating is 4 of 5.
My son is a big fan of the classic pacifier available at the the hospitals nowadays and has had similar ones that he didn't like. He will accept this particular one but when he is really upset he still goes back to his age old favorite. I love that it helps prevent drool build up as he has just started teething and he is drooling all the time. This is a great one to use if your baby has sensitive skin, or in the early teething phase.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
These pacifiers work really well. They are shaped away from the baby’s mouth. That keeps the skin from getting irritated. Instead of the curve of the shield to go against the mouth it curves the other way. My baby likes them. He can keep them in his mouth and it works great. The longer shape helps with that I think. They are also BPA & BPS free. They are very easy to wash.
Star rating is 3 of 5.
I wanted to try these out for my daughter who seems to get a rash around her mouth from wetness. Unfortunately she didn’t like them so she wouldn’t keep them in. I definitely think the shape and the holes would help a lot with dryness though.
Star rating is 3 of 5.
The Advanced Sensitive Skin pacifier definitely seemed well suited to avoiding pooling saliva or friction. However, my son did not care for it. It's hard to say why. Babies like what they like. The paco's were functional and a good texture. The very long, straight design looked odd, but was fine.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
My baby is around 10 weeks old! I have been trying desperately to get her to take a pacifier. Just as another method of soothing besides me. We’ve tried several pacis and she didn’t care for any of them. She LOVED these. The designs is awesome. Overall satisfied with them.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
My 3mo has been using nuk pacifiers and has hit the very drooly stage. The nuks were leaving indents and redness on her skin. We tried these pacificers and she took to them right away. As a plus she is able to grasp the sides so she loves playing with it and chewing on it too so it's sort of become a nuk and chew toy in one!