Closer to Nature Night-time Bottle & Breast like Pacifier - 9oz

RSP: $9.49

Latch guaranteed

Easy latch nipple for smooth transition between breast and bottle

Night-time glow

Leave the bottle ring under a bright light for at least 10 minutes to charge up the glow. Place pacifier in sunlight during the day to ‘activate’ its night-time glow.

Kind to skin

With its ventilation holes and curved shape, our breast-like pacifier is designed to allow air to flow naturally around baby’s mouth and nose to prevent rashes and skin irritation.

Feels like mom

Moving, stretching and feeling just like mom means babies are more likely to accept our Closer to Nature bottle nipple and breast-like pacifier*.

Our Closer to Nature bottle has guaranteed acceptance and an anti-colic valve which makes it the best thing for baby since you, making feeding easier for everyone. With the addition of a gently glowing screw ring, you can keep night-time feedings dark and cosy, so you and baby can enjoy the benefit of more sleep.

Our night-time breast-like pacifier glows for up to 8 hours and recharges its glow in natural light during the day. Inspired by our award-winning Closer to Nature™ nipple, it flexes, stretches and feels just like mom, for the most natural soothing experience, all through the night.

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