Complete Pump & Go Bundle

Everything you need to make pumping, storing and feeding easy, at home or on the go! The compact, portable and mighty quiet electric breast pump is compatible with the Pump & Go system, which uses a single pouch to pump, store, warm and feed—so you never lose a precious drop of breastmilk.

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Bundle and Save

This collection contains two discreet and comfortable Electric Breast Pumps, Pump & Go pouches to express directly into, an easy to use bottle and pouch warmer, and more!

Mighty quiet

Significantly quieter than the leading breast pump to give you the confidence to use it anywhere.

USB Power

Powered by a lightweight, USB rechargeable power pack so that you can express breast milk at home or on the go.

Pre-Sterilized Bags

So you can pour pumped milk directly into the bags.

We want to support your breastfeeding journey by enabling you to feed your baby wherever and whenever you want. The Made for Me Single Electric Breast Pump is ultra-portable—the power unit is pocket-sized and USB-rechargeable, and the pump is significantly quieter than the market leader.

To make things even sweeter, the patented silicone cup is super soft and cushioned for maximum comfort and ease. Just get comfy, choose one of the specialized pump modes that works for you that day, and pump directly into one of the pre-sterilized breast milk pouches.

When you're finished, the pouches can be refrigerated or frozen, or attached to the bottle and nipple kit to feed baby. Finally, the 3 in 1 smart warmer gently heats the pouch (or bottle, or food jar) to the perfect feeding temperature while preserving essential nutrients in just three easy steps. This set is the total solution to help keep pumping simple—no transfer of precious breast milk needed.

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The average rating of this product is 3 of 5.
3 / 5 95 Reviews
Star rating is 5 of 5.
This product is incrediable. Being a mom is hard, but this makes being a new mom easier. The bottle warmer was the biggest lifesaver for me. Daddy was able to grab pumped milk from the fridge and heat it to the perfect temperature whenever needed due to momma being at work, needing a nap or spending one on one time with big sister. This product made pumping easier. And allowed Daddy an easier time to bond with baby.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
This product is super convenient for those who are exclusively pumping especially as you can just pump, freeze, and feed using the same pouch. Will use for my next baby too.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
I recently went back to work and have loved this for pumping. It's super convenient as I like to store my milk in bags vs bottles- makes it easier to freeze if need be. My only complaint is I wish it came with 2 adapters for the medela pump because who pumps 1 boob at a time these days? The included bottle/bag warmer is stylish and easy to use with different settings for room, fridge or freezer temps. It also has a removable plastic holder for bags when you're warming up one of those. Another nice touch is the 2 flow sizes included with the bag holder bottles. This product has definitely made going back to work and my pumping journey a little bit easier.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
I bought this product as I am breastfeeding and love it. It has everything you need for pumping and storing milk. I love it.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
I've had this starter set for a few months now and use it intermittently. I like that it comes with a variety of adapters but it only has one of each so you can't pump both sides at the same time which is a big downfall for me. If i breastfeed only one side and know I'm going to bottle feed within the day I will pump the other side after breastfeeding using this set for later on In the day. I don't really like to freeze in these bags because of the top plastic part is just too bulky how I like to store my frozen milk. If I'm pumping to allow another person to feed a bottle (like dad) I really like the ease of pumping and going right to a feed within seconds and not transferrring milk to a bottle
Star rating is 5 of 5.
This is a wonderful kit for first time breastfeeders like myself. I really like having the option to try the milk defroster, which did save a little time even though I am fine with thing thawing my milk with warm water. I also enjoyed being able to try the Tommee Tipper milk bags with the nipples. Overall, a great kit to get you started and to see what you like and don't like. After using the bags and nipples, I highly recommend them! I've tried several other brands but prefer these.

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