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Newborn Day & Night Sleep Set


A good night’s sleep is a necessity not just for baby but also for mom and dad. These sleep essentials are carefully created with safety in mind and come with helpful advice on what to wear to keep baby comfortable for nighttime sleeps and daytime naps; which hopefully means more Zzz’s for everyone.

Option: Grey Marl Grosnug Light x 2*

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    • Grey Marl Newborn Grosnug - light

Option: Fluffy Clouds Grobag 0-6 Months*

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    • Fluffy Clouds Grobag 2.5 tog (0-6 months)
    • Fluffy Clouds Grobag 1.0 tog (0-6 months)

Option: Fluffy Clouds Grobag 0-6 Months*

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    • Fluffy Clouds Grobag 1.0 tog (0-6 months)
    • Fluffy Clouds Grobag 2.5 tog (0-6 months)

Option: Groegg*

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    • Groegg



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Safer Sleep

We are commited to safer sleep. Our Grobags have been developed to help parents follow safer sleep advice and are the only baby sleep bag recommended by The Lullaby Trust, a charity that works to promote safer sleep for babies and provide support for families.

Hip-healthy design

A unique curved seam gives the skirt area lots of room for baby to wriggle and allows them to lie in a natural 'froggy-legged' position to help aid hip healthy development.

Better Sleep

No more waking up cold, having lost their covers, and keeps baby covered all night. Choose from a range of togs to suit your baby's room temperature and keep them comfortable during day time naps and night time sleeps.

High-Quality contruction and material

Made of 100% cotton with the highest quality construction--baby-safe zippers, nickel-free snaps, and no rough edges. Machine washable


"● Available in 'light' or 'cozy' fabric weights. Fits newborns 5lbs-12lbs / 2.3 kgs-5.5 kgs (up to 25in). Allows for a natural leg position; officially acknowledged as ""Hip-healthy"" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Chest lined for secure swaddle comfort, long bottom zip for easy night time changes. Baby safe YKK standard zips, nickel-free snaps, and no rough edges or seams. Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat. ● The award-winning Grobag wearable blanket is the only Baby Sleep Bag recommended by The Lullaby Trust, the charity for research and prevention of SIDs. Available in lightweight 1.0 tog or cozy 2.5 tog. 100% cotton. Bottom zipper for easy late-night diaper changes. Chin and zip guards to prevent rubbing of delicate skin. High quality YKK standard zips on all designs with a Zip-click® feature which stops adventurous little ones from opening their zips. Machine washable. Includes a FREE Nursery Thermometer and What to wear guide"


"This What to Wear newborn set will help parents confidently dress their newborns comfortably and safely for sleep. The Grosnugs can be used arms in for a snug swaddle replicating the snugness baby felt in mummy’s tummy or arms to prepare baby to transition to their first Grobag. With a choice of lightweight fabric or cozy, thicker weight, you’ve got nightime temperatures and slightly warmer daytime naps covered. Buy together and save This selection will take care of bedtime bedding from the very early days with a newborn right through the first 6 months. Safer Sleep with the Grosnug The award-winning Grosnug is the 2 in 1 swaddle and sleep bag to help newborns feel secure and snug just like in mommy's tummy. It's reassuringly snug on top, with hip-healthy leg space on the bottom. Super lightweight cotton keeps baby at a safer sleep temperature all night long Grobags for safer and longer sleep The Grobag sleeping sack is the safer alternative to sheets and blankets. No more kicked off covers through the night means baby (and mama and papa) sleep longer. Extra peace of mind The Groegg is a unique color-changing nursery thermometer that provides safety reassurance at a glance, so you can always ensure baby is sleeping at the perfect temperature"

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Newborn Day & Night Sleep Set

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