3-in-1 Advanced Electric Bottle and Pouch Warmer

RSP: $58.49

Warms baby milk, even from frozen

The milk’s starting temperature automatically sets the time required to warm

Preserves essential nutrients in milk

Gentle warming to body temperature preserves essential nutrients in every feed

Accurate temperature control

For ease of use and complete peace of mind - a simple and safe way to warm

Designed for real life

Fits most brands of plastic or glass bottles and milk pouches

With our 3 in 1 Advanced bottle and pouch warmer there’s no need to spend time heating and cooling bottles and milk pouches. This smart warmer gently heats breastmilk or formula to body temperature, preserving the nutrients in every feed - and can even be used from frozen.

Warms fast
Warms baby milk bottles and pouches in as little as 4 minutes* with an easy-to-use one dial operation. *Warming times depend upon capacity and starting temperature of milk formula. Warming time of 4 minutes is based on heating a 5oz serving of milk from ambient room temperature (68°F).

Gentle, smart warming
Rather than spending time heating and cooling bottles and milk pouches, this warmer gently heats to body temperature, preserving the nutrients in every feed.

Works from frozen
Automatic timer works out optimum warming time based on bottle type, volume and starting temperature.

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