Sippee Trainer Cups (9months+)

Specially designed for baby’s firsts sips, our first sippee cup encourages a smooth transition from breast or bottle to cup drinking.

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Removable, two-piece, valve prevents spills and keeps mess to a minimum

Easy to clean

2-piece valve is easy to remove and clean, and cups are dishwasher-safe

Soft and gentle

Soft spout is gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums

Removable handles

As their drinking skills improve, remove handles so they can hold the cup directly

Our First Sippee Cups are specially designed for your baby’s first sips. They provide a smooth transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to cup drinking, as well as helping to develop tipping and sipping skills.

Move onto a soft spout
The soft spout is perfect for allowing your baby to progress to a new drinking action - from sucking to sipping.

Removable handles
To further support the development of their grown-up drinking skills, our first sippee cup comes with removable, easy-grip handles designed for tiny hands. As your baby’s drinking skills improve, you can remove the handles so they can hold the cup directly.

Each first sippee cup is designed with a removable, two-piece, easy-clean non-spill valve that keeps mess to a minimum and is easy to clean.

Designed for real life
Cups are dishwasher-safe, if placed on the top shelf, and can be steam sterilized for added peace of mind.

The average rating of this product is 3 of 5.
3 / 5 20 Reviews
Star rating is 5 of 5.
We love the design and fun, bright colors of this set. Each cup has a space related scene on the front, including a astronaut, ufo, moon and stars etc. the colors featured are a neon green and orange, translucent blue and silver. My favorite features is the cup covers are interchangeable, meaning if you own other Tommee Tippee cups you can use the lids on those cups as well. Also as usually they are top rack dish washer safe for easier cleaning and bpa free.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
Absolutely love these cups. We had the smaller ones and these just hold the perfect amount for my growing kids.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
My daughter is just learning how to use a sippy and most cups are hard for me to even use! This is a great product and in no time she will be a pro!
Star rating is 5 of 5.
My son was using a soft nipple like sippy cup, and I feared he would struggle with transitioning to a more hard spout sippy cup. I love the design of these cups, and how the kids can be interchangeable with each cup. They are very easy to wash, and keep the drinks cool for hours. My son switched to these cups with ease. The spout has a soft outer covering, yet the inner part is a hard plastic. This is a great cup for transitioning from a very soft spout to a more traditional sippy cup.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
These cups have such cute designs and are a great size! We haven't had any issues with leaking and are pretty easy to clean. My son is 15 months old and just needs help titling the cup enough once its about half filled.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
We are working with our nine month old on using a cup. These cups are finally cups that he will use! Its a good transition cup for a baby who is used to drinking out of a bottle. I love that its spill resistant as well!

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