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Nursery Sleep Aids

At bed time or nap time, soothing baby to a sound sleep can have it's challenges. We are here to help.

From going to sleep to staying asleep, we help you create a safer and more comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.


The Grofriends are a range of Light and Sound Sleep Aids, soothing restless babies using four comforting sounds and a clever CrySensor.


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Gro Anywhere Blind

This size adjustable, portable black out blind blocks light from windows, creating a dark sleep environment.


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The amazing sleep trainer for young children. Perfect for bed time or night time.


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Peace of mind at a glance. The innovative Groegg changes color with the temperature of the room.


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Groegg Shell

Add some character to your Groegg with an adorable shell.


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Penguin Portable Night Light

This adorable penguin helps your little one sleep with a soft and reassuring night light and portable light for toddler’s night time visits.


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