Sleeptight™ Blackout Blind Support


Thanks for purchasing one of our Sleeptight™ blinds, an adjustable lightweight blind that attaches to a window with suction cups. This product support page is here to help you use your blind safely, and to answer any questions you may have.

Please note that this blind is for temporary use only, please remove it from the window when not in use.

Attaching the blind

Before you get started, please ensure that the window’s surface is clean and dry. Then, to create a sleepy space for your little one (at home or on-the-go), simply…

  1. Use the soft touch fastener tabs to make sure the blind is the correct size for the window.
  2. Fit the silicone suction cups along the top of the blind to the very top of the window, avoiding the frame. Do this by gently pressing the centre of the suction cup firmly onto the glass for 10 seconds. If a sucker will not attach, check the glass is clean, and moisten the suction cup slightly.
  3.  Then attach one of the four NEW 'stick and twist' limpet suckers and place the stem of part A through the hole in part B, and then put the stem through one of the designated holes located in the four corners of the blind.
  4. Attach the hood (part C) to the stem on part A and firmly press the stick and twist suction cup on to your window surface, rotate the hood clockwise to create a vacuum, and the suction cup will stick to the glass, holding the blind in place.
  5. Check that the ‘stick and twist’ limpet sucker is secure by lightly pulling on the blind around it. If the sucker moves, repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Continue down both sides of the blind, and finally along the bottom, attaching the other three corner 'stick and twist' suckers to the glass as you go.
  7. Finally, adjust the blind to the required size by using the soft touch fasteners.
New stick and twist sucker exploded image showing how parts A,B & C connect
stick and twist sucker being used on portable blacm out blind

Please do not use the blind on windows that have damaged edges, visible chips, cracks or any other glass or frame damage. The blind can be safely applied to normal single- or double-glazed windows that’re in good condition.

To round up, the ‘stick and twist’ suckers should be placed in each corner of the window and the regular suckers should be attached along each edge of the window providing a close fit to the edge of the window frame to block out all light. Adjust the blind to the required size by using the soft touch fasteners to create simple pleats in the material.

Removing the blind

Do not grab the blind and pull. This places undue pressure on the blind and risks damage to the window glass.

  1. To remove the four 'stick and twist' suckers simply rotate the handle anti-clockwise to release the vacuum and lift the sucker off.
  2. Then remove the other suction cups, one at a time, by using the small tab or a fingernail to release.

Do not grab blind and pull. This places undue pressure on the blind and risks damage to the window glass.

Diagram of how to remove stick and twist suckers. Twist all 4 stick and twist suckers anti clockwise then remove blind

Here are some hints to help you get the best out of your Sleeptight™ blind…

  • Wash the suction cups with warm soapy water, rinse and dry with lint-free cloth.
  • Best results are achieved when both the glass and suction cups are at room temperature.
  • To re-shape deformed suction cups, simply place them in a bowl of hot water for 2-3 minutes.
  • When the blind is not in use, store it in the handy travel bag. When packed away it measures 290 x 230 x 60mm making it compact enough to easily fit in a suitcase or overnight bag.

My Sleeptight™ blind won’t stick to a window. What can I do?

Sometimes your blind’s suction cups get flattened and won’t stick effectively to your window (this happens with new blinds and blinds that have been stored for a while).

The suction cups stick better when the surface and the suction cups are clean and free from dirt. Changes in temperature or humidity may also mean the cups lose suction.

How can I clean my blind?

When you need to clean your blind, it’s easy! Because it’s 100% polyester, it can be popped into the washing machine at 40°C, but please don’t tumble dry it.

Image of mother cleaning blind in washing machine


For your child’s safety and health…

  • When not in use keep the blind and carrying bag out of the reach of children.
  • Keep the blind well out of reach of children when in use.
  • Do not use directly over a child’s bed.
  • Move your child’s cot/bed away from any windows where blinds are used so that they’re not accessible to them.
  • Check frequently that the blind is properly fastened in position and that cots and beds have not been moved into touching distance.
  • Suction cups may pose a choking hazard so keep away from small children.