Tommee Tippee Terms & Conditions of image and video rights


By using the hashtag #YesTT you are agreeing to Mayborn Group (“Us”, “We” or “Our”) re-using your content (the “Content”) on the basis that we set out below.

When you reply “#YesTT” to our request to use your Content you are:

  • confirming that you are the owner of the Content and that it is original and that you haven’t copied it from any other source;
  • granting Us a perpetual non-exclusive right to:
  • store copies of the Content for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose of our reasonable re-use of it;
  • share the Content within the Mayborn Group of companies;
  • display your Content on our websites; and
  • display the Content on any social media
  • display the Content in our marketing emails