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Loved by Parents - over 1 million sold.*

Your bottle prep routine, reimagined.

A perfect prep bottle making machine from four different angles with the words perfect feed overlaid
A perfect prep bottle making machine from four different angles with the words perfect speed overlaid

Scientifically proven to make a fresh feed as safely as the WHO method and up to 10x faster.** Meaning more time for you, and your baby.

A person installing a perfect prep filter

Ensures safe water for every feed.

Tommee Tippee's antibacterial Perfect Prep® filters are as effective as boiling the kettle, and our patented hot shot kills bacteria in formula.**

Perfect time saver.

a graphic showing the efficiency of a perfect prep machine compared to using a kettle
a graphic showing the efficiency of a perfect prep machine compared to using a kettle

Perfect Prep® saves you 15 minutes 20 seconds per feed***, 2 hours per day, 14.2 hours per week, and too many days to count! So you can relax, feed your baby (and get back to sleep, sooner).

***Based on feeding a newborn 8 times a day.  

How to Make a Bottle of Formula

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Day & Night

• Perfect feeds in two minutes

• Digital display

• Adjustable volume control

• Glowlights

Product support.

Learn how to set up and use your Perfect Prep® machine.

a photo of a mum holding her baby while making a bottle using a perfect prep machine with quote "I was recommended to buy this and it has not let me down. Absolute god send. So quick and easy. Saves so much time. - Amy" overlayed.

Loved by parents – over 1 million sold.*

And because they’re so unique and innovative, we often get asked how they work, and about their safety. You can rest assured that our Perfect Prep® machines and filters go through an extensive lab testing process to ensure that they're able to make formula feeds safely and efficiently in under two minutes.

Parent’s most-asked questions about Perfect Prep®.

  • How does Perfect Prep® work?

    Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep® machines automatically control the quality, volume and temperature of the water used to make a formula feed using a unique, patented three-stage process.

    Once tap water has been added to the hopper, it passes through a filter that removes bacteria and other impurities. The ultra filtration membrane inside forms a physical barrier that stops any bacteria in the tap water from passing into the machine.

    Once the water is filtered, the machine is ready to make a feed.

    It starts with a ‘hot shot’ of water that’s over 70°C to kill any bacteria that may be in the formula powder, and then completes the bottle feed by dispensing the correct amount of cool water to deliver the selected volume of formula, at body temperature.

  • Is Perfect Prep® safe?

    Yes. Perfect Prep® machines pass all appropriate standards for electrical baby products and are designed to make the lives of parents simpler.

    To ensure safety, Perfect Prep® machines make a fresh formula feeds using a unique, patented three-stage process.

    Find out more about the safety of the Perfect Prep machines here.

  • Does Perfect Prep® adhere to WHO guidelines?

    Perfect Prep® machines are designed to achieve the same result as following the World Health Organisation guidelines.

    The World Health Organisation guidelines were designed for making up a feed without a Perfect Prep® machine, and state that boiled water that’s cooled for no more than 30 minutes, should be used. Perfect Prep® machines are designed to produce the same safe formula feed, but more quickly and conveniently, in just two minutes. This saves time for parents and frustration for their baby, without compromising on safety.

    Find out more about the Perfect Prep & WHO guidelines here.

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 If you’ve got any other questions about Perfect Prep®, we’re here to help. 

*Combined sales of Perfect Prep and Perfect Prep Day & Night.

**For verification see tommeetippee.com/perfect-prep-explained

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