Growing up is thirsty work!

From six months onwards, little ones can start drinking from a cup. 

It’s such an important and exciting stage in their development, and they can start drinking water from this age whether they’re breastfed, formula fed, or combination fed!

At Tommee Tippee, we know cups

Our story started over half a century ago with a cup that had a clever weighted base and wouldn’t tip over.

vintage tommee tippee baby cup

Ever since, we’ve come a long way...

...but we’ve continued to invent products that're designed to make everyday life easier for parents and better for babies.


Things that we as grownups take for granted like tipping and sipping or sucking through a straw are all new to your little one.

We’re here to help them develop vital drinking skills with a range of different cups. Some have handles, some are insulated, and some have straws, but they’re all spill free – because no one needs more cleaning up in their life.

Spill free sipping starts here

If the thought of giving your baby a cup makes you fear for your carpets, furnishings and pets, don’t panic. Mess is part of life with a little one, but we do our best to keep it to a minimum.

The unique, removable, two-piece valve in most of our cups helps to prevent spills and leaks, so you’re not constantly mopping up. And across our cups range you’ll find other clever ideas that stop them from being knocked over, keep straws and spouts clean and stop the most determined toddler making a mess on the go.

Weighted Straw Cups

tommee tippee weightless straw cups in a range of colours

Drink from any angle

Some babies find a straw easier than a spout as they don’t need to tip the cup as much, which makes our weighted straw cups a great way to help them develop sipping skills. Your little one can drink from any angle thanks to the weighted straw which always remains in the liquid.

Easy grip removable handles

Little hands find these handles easy to hold. When they’re ready to move on to a beaker style cup, you can remove the handles and your little one can grip the sides.