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A team of experts create our super simple guides, and they're passionate about helping parents navigate the challenges of raising a baby because they're parents too! So, whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty of helpful insights and tips within The Parent Library to guide you on your parenting journey.

  • Anna: Senior Global Product Marketing Manager

    Anna has worked at Tommee Tippee for 14 years and counting. She has two daughters who've given her real insights into the highs and lows of parenting and how Tommee Tippee can help on this rollercoaster (but highly enjoyable) ride! She writes our posts about weaning, sleeping, teething, soothing, and life as a parent.

  • Kate: Global Head of Product Development

    Having gained real insight into what it means to be a parent from having two children of her own, Kate absolutely loves developing products that help both parents and babies on their journey. She's always hungry to discover and develop new ways that we can help make the parenting adventure a little easier, and writes blogs on pregnancy, baby development and parental mental health.

  • Rob: Global Product Marketing Manager

    Rob is the proud dad of a rampaging two-year-old, so he has a daily appreciation for great products that make life a little easier for both parents. He writes our posts on nappy changing, baby care, and toddlers.

  • Sonni-Ann: Senior Regional Marketing Manager

    Sonni is mom of one, and after coming through the other side of a difficult breastfeeding journey and postpartum anxiety, she decided that she wanted to use her experience in a meaningful way. She writes blog posts about breastfeeding, expressing and the fourth trimester.

  • Stu: Global Head of Product

    Stu has two young children, meaning he can really appreciate what a rollercoaster parenting can be and is passionate about trying to make that ride a little bit easier with great Tommee Tippee products. He writes our posts about feeding and sterilising.

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