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We've spoken to real parents and asked them to tell us how they really felt when they reached their little one's due date.

Due Date Stories from American Parents

When you finally reach your baby's due date, you might feel relived, excited, or nervous about the prospect of giving birth and becoming a parent.

The truth is, there's no right way to feel when you know your baby is about to arrive, and everybody is different! We've spoken to real parents and asked them to tell us how they really felt when they reached their little one's due date.

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Ellie's Story

mum and her two children sticking their tongues out

"I felt exhausted, stressed and swollen like Charlie and the Chocolate factory when Violet turned into a blueberry and was being rolled around! But extremely excited to meet my little rainbow baby and to see what she looked like. It was definitely worth it all when I saw her little face."

Wendy's Story

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"I felt ready to have my baby! I was so excited to meet her and couldn't wait to hold her and snuggle her. My belly was so big so I couldn't wait to feel comfortable again. I also felt prepared, knowing I had my Tommee Tippee products waiting for us at home!"

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Taleta's Story

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"When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon but scared all at the same time.

Unfortunately, we had been trying for about five or six months after we lost our first little bubs, but once we passed the point of being scared, we started getting more and more excited. Now that he has arrived and we can hold him in our arms, we can’t wait to have a second one already, and I’m sure we will feel just as excited as the first time."

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Megan's Story

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"Pregnancy has been a real rollercoaster, however one of the weirdest feelings leading up to the end was realising I was actually having a baby!

After months of preparing the nursery, buying clothes and extreme nesting – hoovering the blinds etc… I finally ran out of things to do to prepare, and it started to all sink in. I lay awake all-night panicking about being responsible for another person and having totally irrational thoughts. What if he doesn’t love me? What if I don’t know what to do? What if I can’t get him out? It was awful!

I am so excited, but I’ve learnt that it’s totally normal to also be really scared and after reaching out for support I felt much better."