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Swaddling is a simple, time-tested practice that can help soothe your little one...

The Benefits of Swaddling a Baby

The aim of swaddling is to help your little one feel snug and secure as they sleep, just like they felt in the womb.

It’s a simple, time-tested practice that can help soothe your little one. So, read on to learn more about all the benefits swaddling can bring...

What are the benefits of swaddling?

  • You may find that swaddling helps to calm your baby, meaning that they settle easier and sleep for longer – remember and when baby sleeps for longer, you do too!
  • Gently wrapping your baby in a swaddle can also prevent unnecessary wake-ups caused by wriggly arms and legs as it suppresses their startle reflex.
  • Newborns can feel soothed by swaddling as it mimics the warmth and comfort of the womb. So very like feeling at home!
  • When your baby is swaddled, they can’t scratch their face as they sleep – a big plus for all newborn photo ops!
  • Sleeping in a hands-over-heart position is often preferred by babies. Swaddling encourages this and ausing a safe, back-sleeping position. Remember, placing your baby on their back to sleep reduces risk of SIDS and helps to self-soothe and get back to sleep on their own.
  • Swaddling also encourages your baby to adopt a ‘frog-legged’ sleeping position, which is important for correct hip development. Tommee Tippee’s SNUGFIT™ swaddles are recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as ‘healthy hip products’.
  • Swaddling keeps your baby warm and eliminates the need for extra blankets in their cot.

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