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  • Expressing

    How Can I Safely Thaw Frozen Breastmilk?

    The easiest way to thaw frozen breastmilk that’s been expressed is to simply place it in the refrigerator...

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  • Expressing

    How Do I Start Expressing Breastmilk?

    It may take you a while to get the hang of expressing. That’s OK though, just like your baby, you’re new to all this.

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  • Returning to Work

    Our Guide to Expressing Breastmilk at Work

    At Tommee Tippee, we understand that the idea of juggling your job as well as expressing breastmilk at work is something that feels daunting to most new mums...

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  • Top Tips

    Hints and Tips on When to Start Pumping

    Wondering when should you begin to express breastmilk? Here are some hints and tips on when to start.

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  • Expressing

    How Do Breast Pumps Work?

    Entering the world of breast pumps? Got some questions? You are not alone.

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